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  1. So basically you don't like losing a lot but you're not prepared to do anything tactically to stop losing a lot or even attempt to understand why it's happening. Yeah, I'm not convinced this is the right game for you.
  2. So many of these threads from people who think that because they can't instantly be successful then the game is somehow at fault. "But, but I've played CM/FM since year blah blah blah so surely I must be instantly good at this one" etc etc... I'm by no means the most knowledgeable person when it comes to football but i still manage to have an immensely enjoyable time playing FM (win lose or draw). The whole point of the (tactical side) of the game is figuring out what works and what doesn't and then implementing that knowledge to suit your team/style etc. When it comes together and start
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the text and a tooltip will appear detailing the players in question.
  4. There are skins that will put your randomized face in place of the blank picture. If people are so concerned about blank pictures (players, coaches etc) then I guess they wouldn't have an issue downloading facepacks to fix that. Downloading a new skin shouldn't be a hassle either. You would need to ask SI that, not me. For what it's worth I used to play with a photo avatar when you could do it but I really don't see it being such a big deal. It's impact on the overall game experience is utterly negligible.
  5. Jeez! if players don't like it then they shouldn't use it. Yes a photo avatar, like you could do before would be slightly better but it's not a massive deal. Just keep hitting randomize until you get one you like then crack open a beer and get on with the game.
  6. Thanks Jambo98. He's a frustrating player in real life. Clearly has bags of potential and can produce the odd moment of magic but he is quite lazy and not a big fan of the more physical side of the game.
  7. Great thread this. Always had a wee soft spot for Hearts. Some real quality signings made in your second season. As a Dundee United fan it's nice to see that they got promoted at the first attempt (unlike real life ). Out of interest, how is Scott Fraser getting on?
  8. 1. Ante Coric - Beast 2. Andrea Belotti - Goal machine 3. Gabriel Barbosa - Phenomenon 4. Kuki - Monster (get it!?) 5. Leon Goretzka - Midfield Prince.
  9. I'm guessing it is not from FM17 as the date on the calendar is 24/05/14.
  10. Ante Coric and Thomas Lemar are both FK beasts in my Man U team. Coric should be cheaper than Lemar at the start of the game.
  11. Ah the perils of playing as Real Madrid i suppose. Everyone knows they are not short of few quid so they inflate their prices when you try to buy their players. If you are looking for good young RB's try Passlack at Dortmund or Henrichs at Leverkusen. They might not be as quite as pricey as Clyne. Don't get me wrong, they won't be cheap either but both should develop better than Clyne - especially Felix Passlack. He's a beast at RB for my Man U team.
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