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  1. In an exclusive interview with Guerin Sportivo magazine the new U.S. Città di Palermo manager reveals his long term plans for the Sicillian club. Reporter Giovanni Lucazoni caught up with the Michael who has adopted the nickname ‘Papa’ (father) after being labelled has a father figure in the World of Football by the former Internazionale manager Ángel Bastardo. “Welcome to Sicily Michael, what attracted you to the position at U.S. Città di Palermo”? “Thank you Giovanni, “first of all I have always had close connections to the game here in Italy and after attending the Scuola Allenatori—the Managers’ School—at the Italian Football Federation’s Technical Centre in Coverciano where I gained my coaching licence I was invited to spend some time in Bergamo where I observed the Atalanta youth team staff and their methods”. “I then returned to England and spent the last year working at the Nottingham Forest academy alongside Gary Brazil the head of youth development, I was then travelling around Italy watching games under my own steam when I bumped in to Sandro Porchia the head of youth sector here at Palermo, we had met before at Coverciano and talked in detail about youth development in football sharing our vision which was pretty much the same, but anyway Sandro told me that Palermo owner Maurizio Zamparini was looking for a manager with fresh ideas and that I should make contact and the rest is history”. “Does it concern you about the high turnover of managers at the club”. “I am under no illusion that this is a cut throat industry now and owners want to see an immediate return for their investment but to answer your question, no I am not concerned I believe in myself and the club which I have sat down and discussed my vision”. ” I will be meeting the board in due course to discuss their expectations for the season ahead and then I will meet up with our backroom staff before the club’s official press conference”. “We hear you are an attack minded coach, is that something we can expect to see”? “It’s true I like attacking football but I believe in keeping clean sheets, it’s no good having to score 3 or 4 goals to win a game because we ship goals at the back, I feel defending as deteriorated over the last 15 years or so but I will be looking to build from the back”. “You spoke about your vision earlier, but what is your vision and how will that effect the club”? “I have a long term vision of the club developing our own players but I realise that this process takes time but I will be pulling in that direction from the start by looking to improve the facilities and quality of coaching our youngsters get and then year by year we will look to improve, we will never stop trying to improve because that is when the vision breaks down”. “Our short term goal is to get back in to the top tier then we will move on to the next phase and so on”. “I want to shape the future of Italian Football, and I believe Palermo feels like the place to do it, I would like nothing more to produce an field a starting XI developed by the club and who go on to represent Italy in a major competition”. “You have to set yourself parameters”. “Michael it is interesting that you mention about a team of Italian players at a time when Palermo have a multi national squad, are the current players going to be looking for another club in the short term”. “No No not at all the current squad will all be given their chance to represent Palermo, they are an important part of this club’s future and I hope they can rise to the challenge of getting us back to Serie A, my recruitment strategy will be governed by how successful our youth development is long term but that is not to say that we won’t recruit non Italian players, it’s like this our first option is to promote from within and if that is not possible we will look to sign an Italian option before looking further a field, I will also make welcome any ex player who can improve us both on and off the field”. “This club have had some excellent players pass through and it would be nice for the supporters if one day we could bring one of the club’s icons or legends back to the club” “Are you familiar with the players at the club”? “Yes I am big follower of the Italian game and I keep up to date with players plying their trade here and Palermo’s squad is no stranger to me”. “What is your relationship with Gaetano Monachello”? “I know Gaetano from my time at Atalanta and was pleased to see the club had secured him on loan, I am looking forward to working with him because he can showcase his talent here”. “We understand Michael that you had other options to be manager in and outside of Italy, is that true”? “Yes I had a few offers but Italy was always my choice destination”. ” What options did you have, is it true Catania, Palermo’s rivals offered you the job”? “Yes it’s true, I also talked with Parma but Palermo was the club that appealed to me most, there was other clubs in England Northampton Town and Chesterfield but my heart was set on Palermo”. “I am looking forward to the season ahead and can’t wait for the players to return from their holidays so we can get down to some hard work on the training ground”. I want to shape the future of Italian Football Part 2 will be released over the next week. Thank you for stopping by, so until next time Arriverderchi.
  2. Accademia Rosanero (An Introduction) OCTOBER 1, 2017 ~ TOTALFOOTBALL71 ~ EDIT Welcome to Sicily the home of U.S Città di Palermo and the backdrop for my FM18 save. The Sicillian club have been relegated to Serie B, the 2nd tier of Italian Football after a disappointing season that saw the club finish second bottom in 19th place with just 24 points and a minus 44 goal difference. Quick fire owner Maurizio Zamparini has wasted no time in pulling the trigger and firing manager number 39 since 2002 and appointing number 40, that’s me an English born manager with a life long love affair with Italian Football, however I am under no illusion that the trigger happy owner will be demanding a return to Serie A at the first time of asking meaning I have put together both a short term and long term plan which I will cover later in this article. The Manager For people who already know me they will be aware of my footballing philosophy and influences but for those who don’t here are a few lines about Palermo’s new manager and first Englishman to take the reigns of the Black and Pinks. I was born in Chesterfield although I have never lived there, in the early 70’s (yes I am in my 40’s and yes I feel like I am) and grew up supporting Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest were I developed a liking for passing football “If God wanted us to play football in the clouds, he’d have put grass up there”. With Liverpool, Forest, Ipswich Town, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Aberdeen, Dundee United and Aston Villa having embarked on European campaigns it opened up an whole new World of Football up for me thanks mostly in the early days to the midweek Sportsnight highlights with Harry Carpenter and David Coleman on the BBC, and the coverage of both the World Cup and European Championships I was taking a keen interest in the World game and I liked what I was seeing non less so than the 1982 World Cup hosted by Spain were I developed an affection for the Italian national team. Fast forward a year later I was now watching Serie A and Serie B football thanks to my father’s satellite system and I have been hooked ever since along with my adopted Italian team Milan who back then we’re a Serie B side due to a match fixing scandal. It’s no surprise that I have been influenced by a number of Italian managers and whilst I like my teams to attack on the front foot, nothing gives me more pleasure than a clean sheet. On a personal level I struggled to get anything going save wise on FM17 and it was not for the want of trying but I never admitted the reason but I was struck down suddenly with an illness that not only affected my concentration levels but threatened to change my life and potentially end my working life however with the close support of my family and work colleagues I am now back to something near my best with an horrendous few months behind me. During the whole time I was wiped off my feet literally has I was experiencing Vertigo from between 30 minutes and 12 hours at a time I still managed to interact to the best of my ability with both the game and the FM Community which kept me going through a difficult time. I am now so looking forward to the release of FM18 and committing myself to this save. I will like many use the beta to get to grips with the new features before starting this save on release day on the 10th November. I have put together a brief overview of what I am looking to achieve during the save. Tactics What will I bring to the club? Well I am not going to try to emulate any one manager but what I will do is put together many of my influences to define my own style. In recent weeks with the build up to FM18 you will have heard the word Dynamic mentioned a lot and it’s a word I like very much: Dynamic (noun) A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process. Dynamic (Adjective) (1) (of a process or system) Characterised by constant change, activity or process. (2) (of a person) Positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas. A Dynamic system is what I will be trying to create at the club, I have become aware that in football you have to always be looking to make progress within a system with a positive attitude open to new ideas. In FM16 I built a system influenced by Marcelo Bielsa’s days at Athletic Club and called it Verticalita and looking back I think it is the best system that I have created on any FM release and the closest that I could call dynamic. I am looking forward to getting to grips with the new match engine and will be looking to develop a system that incorporates the following: Control the opposition through ball movement Flexibility use different roles and individual mentalities within the same system: example a Deep Lying Playmaker / defend with the ability to change to a deep lying playmaker / support Dominate the central area Build around a conductor Build a strong defensive structure Have the ability to create width in more than 1 way Have a plan B and C Youth Development I will be looking to build a strong youth development system within the club, Accademia Rosanero is the title of this save for a reason and that reason is my aim to create a football factory deep in the heart of Sicily and by that I want us to produce player’s that will not only represent this club but that can also assist the other clubs in this region through strong affiliate partnership. On the whole in the past I have had preference to develop players at the club however on FM17 I experienced the positives of loaning certain players out to give them quality game time so in FM18 I will keep an open mind and access each players needs on a one to one basis. Going back to affiliate club’s I will not only be looking regional I will also be looking to set up an affiliation with a top tier European club and South American club however it will have to be a club who I think will benefit any player who we send them in terms of game time because there is no point in sending a player to sit on a bench. I will be looking to improve the training and youth facilities as soon as possible and will look to bring in the best staff I can on an ongoing basis so we improve year on year. Tutoring our youth will also be high on my agenda with the best possible tutors aiding our development program. Backroom Staff The backroom team are the key to our progress and with rumours of an improvement of the Sports Scientist and Data Analyst roles I am looking forward to building my backroom staff over time. Player Recruitment Whilst my main aim is to develop our own players I will still look to bolster our squad with external players if we don’t have the right quality of player already at the club. So the first option will be to promote within but if we can’t I will bring in the best I can to fill the void. The recruitment ladder : Replace from within the club Recruit an Italian National Recruit an EU player Recruit a non EU player I will be looking to have the best Head of Youth Development coach possible at the club who will be the nearest thing to a Model Professional. The HOYD is the most important non playing member at the club. Scouting I will look to bring in the best scouts possible to build a scouting network that keeps us ahead of our rivals in having the knowledge to pick up the right player at the right time. Scout youth players in Italy Scout youth players in Europe Scout youth players in South America Short Term Goal Like I mentioned above the owner will be looking for us to gain promotion so I won’t be surprised if that’s the expectation in season 1 so in the short I have to look at getting us promoted back to Serie A. Long Term Goals Stability in Serie A Increase the number of Italian nationality players in the first team squad Build a World Class Academy Develop our own players for the first team Field an all Italian 1st team in a Serie A match Field an XI developed in Accademia Rosanero in a Serie A match Break the all time individual club appearances and goals scored records Win the Coppa Italia Win Serie A Win a European trophy Become a club legend by creating a legacy Become Italian National team manager Thanks for reading and if you have any feedback I will more than appreciate you getting in touch. I am open to any ideas that you think I could incorporate in to the save. I will be posting save updates on here as well as my own blog which you can find at www.thewideplaymaker.com Arriverderchi
  3. My I congratulate you on this system, it's one of the best that I have read about. Nice and easy explanation and we'll presented. I am interested to here if you use opposition instructions.
  4. Fantastic I have just read through the whole thread and come to the conclusion that it's the best I have read in a long time. I am managing Fredrikstad Fotballklubb and have found your save very informative....I hope I get the youth intakes that you have had. Very good work I applaud you.
  5. Read my Garibaldi Reds save at www.thewideplaymaker.com Dembele has fired us in to the Champions League....I am still playing the save but currently managing Fredrikstad in Norway.
  6. I signed him for my Forest save first season in prem he has scored 22 in 24 so far....
  7. Yes he very versatile he fits my system well playing in the DM strata...he keeps the ball moving and creates for my more attacking players
  8. I am going to throw this guy in to the mix Marko Grujic he is playing in the Pirlo role for me at SD Eibar. This is how he has developed so far in season 2019-2020 Check The Pirlo Pass Out For The Last Goal In This Clip Eibar's 4th
  9. Brilliant thread....I am a CM FM player since day 1 and I am still learning stuff thanks to threads like this. My SD Eibar team will play a little different next season thanks to this thread. Keep up the good work and thanks for the early morning read.
  10. Very good thread, I too will be interested to see how you get on in the Premier League.
  11. I am definitely going to manage in South America and most probably Argentina, Independiente, Racing Club, Rosario Central, Argentinos Juniors, I am currently managing Boca Juniors on FM16 with all South American countries plus Mexico loaded, the talent there is amazing.
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