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  1. Got a few seasons to upload on here but I had to share this. On the brink of getting through the Champions league group stage for the first time and a 95th minute goal stops us. Same happened in the home game against Inter with a 94th minute equaliser, which would of seen us through as well.
  2. Atli Larusson is on 545 for me so far. I dropped him the season before last as well, as I have better players, but he just scores all the time!! 545 takes some doing, considering we only play 22 league games a season :-)
  3. I thought we had thrown it away. We were 3-1 up with 12 to go when they pulled two back. But we went straight down the other end and bagged two more. Our greatest achievement so far this one!!
  4. I have a few seasons to update again, but just wanted to share that I've got a Europa Conference final to look forward to tomorrow!!
  5. Another one bites the dust :-( Was really excited about him as well.
  6. I'm managing in Iceland, so I am consistently getting into Europe, it's so difficult to take the next step though and the intakes are getting more and more frustrating.
  7. Were also in a 30,000 seater stadium, selling out most weeks, £79m in the bank and on the brink of exceptional youth and training facilities. So it would feel like a massive waste to get this far and give in.
  8. Really starting to struggle to motivate myself on this one now. We have progressed massively, we make the knockouts of the Europa most seasons, but the intakes are getting very frustrating. Its goalkeepers and strikers that are coming through and not much else. It's took 35 years to get to this stage. It will probably be another 20 years I think before we can challenge in Europe. I don't know if I've got that in me!! To top it off, we have somehow managed to finish 3rd as well this season. Very frustrating.
  9. Well this was gutting. Thought we had completed an historic comeback...
  10. They aren't messing around with the stadium either!!
  11. Another famous victory And this time we sneak into the Europa. Progress!
  12. After 8 attempts, we finally get our first points in the Champions League and we do it in style!!
  13. 2nd year running that we have made the groups. This one is no easier though!! Last year we got Monaco as the 4th seeds, this year Lazio.
  14. SEASON 28 - 2049 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES 1 2 3 - SQUAD 1 2 - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS 1 2 EURO CUP 11 (Carried Over) Through the groups, I believed that we could claim this as our first European Silverware. We got probably the hardest draw in the knockout stage and went out. PSV went on to win the trophy as well. It doesn't help that the players only returned from pre-season a few days before the first leg, so
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