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  1. Does the hidden attribute of "Injury prone" can decrease or increase in time ? I have few amazing regens on my shortlist who are injury prone and I'm afraid to make offers cuz of that.Thanks for the answear.
  2. I'm a big fan of 4-2-3-1, dunno why, maybe because it's one of the most used formation in real football, probably alongside 4-3-3 and 4-4-2.But I find 4-2-3-1 very difficult to be implemented in FM. I tried a lot of versions of 4-2-3-1 in my FM save which I started from unemplyed and in few years I am the Arsenal London manager.Changed two teams before Arsenal and i tried to play a lot of 4-2-3-1 at these teams, but I never had the satisfaction finding the right tactic. I consider my self a veteran of this game.Playing since CM series, reading lots of guides, and never had such big p
  3. Make sense now. Thank you very much for your answear.
  4. Hello guys, I am on season 2022 - 2023 in my carrer, managing Anderlecht Bruxelles from Belgium.I finished in the third place last season, but I only managed to get a qualification to Euro Cup 2.The winner of the league had a spot in Champions League playoffs and the second spot (Genk), also got a spot like me in Euro Cup 2.So, no team for Belgium in the main competition of Euro Cup, which seems unreal.Is this ok considering Belgium is in the 11 position of european nation rank and last year was in the 12 spot and had teams in first Euro Cup
  5. Hello guys, Does anyone know where can I find a lower league database for Norway ? You can only play on Norwegian second division (the lowest) by default. Thanks!
  6. Starting unemployed. Reputation : Sunday League player Coaching badge : National B license Getting my first job at Elverum, a norwegian club from fourth norwegian league.Getting two promotions in a row in two seasons and I decided to change the team after that because my president didn't backed me up. Getting unemployed.Hoping to catch a dream move to a team from first norwegian league fighting to avoid relegation or something similar in another mid-tier country, but suddenly Borussia M'Gladbach and Leverkusen aproached me. It's so unrealistic.You will never see that
  7. This year game have 0 sense to me. Played 12 hours, about half a season and everything seems unreal. Played 17 games, concedeed 25 goals, at least 20 goals we're after balls over my defenders.I tried everything, but nothing seems to work.Same scenario over and over again.One of their midfielders take a long pass over my central defenders and their striker are 1v1 with my gk. Had a very good start of a season, leading the table and suddenly my team start losing 4-0, 3-0, 4-1, 4-2, like they dont know how to play football anymore.Losing against low teams at home.Accidents happens
  8. I tried to give a last chance to this game.Started a new carrer.Same game, same scenario.My team having lot of opportinites, opponents 1 shot, 1 goal. FM20 is just a mess.
  9. Played first 2 games with new patch. 10 goals, 5 for me, 5 for opponents.All of them from crosses.It's not Set Piece Manager anymore, it's Crossing Manager now. It's crazy how excellent crosses are in the third norwegian league and how clinical the headers are from mediocre players with at most 1,80 m height. It seems like Beckham is always crossing and on the other side we have a combo of Zigic/Crouchie. This scene of Mr Bean is the best example of how SI is trying to improve the ME. I gave up ! Waiting for FM21.Try to focus only on match engine, ple
  10. I use this setup from FM17.Always had good results, but after this season I will change it, cuz it seems more like an exploit.
  11. I think I scored like 3 or 4 goals at the back post.Most of the goals came from my DCR (see screenshot). He's the guy.
  12. This is my routine for corners.It's the same from left side. For free kicks I have the default setup. I agree that 13 for both are good for the level I am playing at the moment, but I still think this is to much. Ok, maybe he can cross that ball perfect most of the time, but the finishing from other players is insane.
  13. Also posted this guy on hidden gems thread. He's a beast. 8.30 rating for me in 6 games with 2 assists and 3 man of the match. If FM20 had better central play he would have like at least 5 or 6 assists.
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