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  1. I tried to give a last chance to this game.Started a new carrer.Same game, same scenario.My team having lot of opportinites, opponents 1 shot, 1 goal. FM20 is just a mess.
  2. Hello guys, I played against Asane in the second norwegian league and i beat them very hard, 5-0 and I was wondering what the hell is happening. After the game I was looking at their squad and all the players from the first squad we're unregistered so they played with only grey players generated by default.
  3. Played first 2 games with new patch. 10 goals, 5 for me, 5 for opponents.All of them from crosses.It's not Set Piece Manager anymore, it's Crossing Manager now. It's crazy how excellent crosses are in the third norwegian league and how clinical the headers are from mediocre players with at most 1,80 m height. It seems like Beckham is always crossing and on the other side we have a combo of Zigic/Crouchie. This scene of Mr Bean is the best example of how SI is trying to improve the ME. I gave up ! Waiting for FM21.Try to focus only on match engine, ple
  4. I use this setup from FM17.Always had good results, but after this season I will change it, cuz it seems more like an exploit.
  5. I think I scored like 3 or 4 goals at the back post.Most of the goals came from my DCR (see screenshot). He's the guy.
  6. This is my routine for corners.It's the same from left side. For free kicks I have the default setup. I agree that 13 for both are good for the level I am playing at the moment, but I still think this is to much. Ok, maybe he can cross that ball perfect most of the time, but the finishing from other players is insane.
  7. Also posted this guy on hidden gems thread. He's a beast. 8.30 rating for me in 6 games with 2 assists and 3 man of the match. If FM20 had better central play he would have like at least 5 or 6 assists.
  8. One more confirmation that this year Football Manager is more like set piece manager. My fullback which is the corner taker from the right side (for inswing) and my taker for freekicks also right side have 21 assists. He's only 13 at corner taking and free kick taking. Imagine if i had David Beckham in FM20 ... I'm curios how many assists Trend Alexander and Robertson had the last season.It's unreal for a left back to have such insane stats in only 25 games. LE : I play him as a WB(De) in a 4-2-3-1.So not to much assists from crosses.
  9. Got this guy for my Lyn Oslo side. He's playing for Elverum in the third league of Norway.Seems like a gem. Bought him for 2k and he wanted to downgrade a league just to sign with me.Also, great personality and he is not injury prone even with that natural fitness. I dunno if you can find him if you don't load Norway leagues.
  10. The finnish legend, Mika Aaritalo. I dunno which version of Fm, but I always bought him for nothing and he was such a beast.Could play him AMR/AML/ST.
  11. I tried to make a 4-2-3-1 in Fm20 and it was such a pain. But, from all things i tried i saw that a combination of DLP(S) and a BBM(S) works great for 4-2-3-1.But you should have proper players to cover the roles. If you play with a defensive duty in your central midfield, your team will be dominated on winning posession at the mid and also your players will stay to deep when you attack. So imo use hold position PI on a CM(S) if you don't want to use a DLP(S). So, I came with a solution to this if you have a lower team like mine. I put a fullback on defend duty(the one on the
  12. No. I saved the game just after my last game(which was a league game) and the draw was after 2 days.I never got the same opponent and I tried fourth times. Maybe you get the same opponent if you save one day before or in the same day of the draw.
  13. "The first two rounds are set up by the Norwegian Football Association, and the top flight teams are usually pitted against fairly weak amateur teams, often in rural areas, on the amateur team's home pitch." Yea, seems like it should be that way, but I had Valerenga on the first round at their stadium. At the fourth draw I got Skjetten SK, also a fourth league team like me.Anyway i will be back at the original save and play Valerenga at their stadium.Maybe next season! Wish me luck guys!
  14. Then the coincidence attribute of the game must be 20. LE : I used load and save three times to see what happend if I reload the draw.All the time I got a first league team.Yea, FM is not rigged.
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