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  1. The focusing attribute seems to change automatically by itself. I think it supposes to allow us improving the attribute we hope .. or is it just related to the highlighted attributed as for the training role? As i hope to improve the strength pf my advanced playmaker, the focsing attribute just automatically changes to one of those highlighted attributes from time to time
  2. It is somehow fixed after the update ... thanks for the hard work! However, another issue occurs ... valuation of 358m? though i eventually buy the player for about 30m
  3. Also find out today that after agreeing a deal with the club, there should be a new message for contract discussion ... however a new message sign does show up but no related thread shows up after i click the mail box. Hope to get this fixed in next update
  4. I used to find the option to retrain new position in action of players' interface. However, it seems that the function is removed or simply moved to elsewhere ... I check the training page and still find nowhere of it, any clue?
  5. I was just playing and suddenly my phone ran out of battery. After charging and i restarted my phone, i can no longer open the app. When i open the app, it just shows a black scene for a second and returnes to the home screen. I restarted my phone many times but i still cannot open it ...
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