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    Does anyone else have any problems moving players back and fourth and sideways on the small formation table in the bottom left corner during the match when you go into the tactics screen. If you don't want to change formation, perhaps just move a AML back to a ML position or a player is sent off and you need to move players, it takes ages to stay where you put them and not move back. Is there any other way of doing this please ?
  3. I'll give it a go, based on what I've read here, I've already switched the BWM to CM s and the CM a to APM s for the sort of games where the opposition sit back, which has helped retain the ball. I'm going to change to RB to WB s based on your advice plus add the MEZ s plus the more aggressive tactics. Thank you
  4. I prefer quick transition styles but, found them ineffective against teams that sit back. Through another thread, I was advised on changes to my tactic, removing counter instruction, changing my bbm to a CM attack and a balanced mentality. Do you suggest for example, changing the dm to a DLP defend ?
  5. I do tend to alter the mentality to positive as the match goes on, we do get better results against the better teams where we can counter from a low block. The problem is against similar teams. Southampton for example always outplay us with there 442. Do I make the left back wb(a) ? I like to play a BWM with Allan at the club. Tonali is played as a CM attack to try and provide support for DCL but, I'm not really sure he's suitable, he's more defensive but, I have no other suitable players for the role but, no funds. I find he's isolated all the time with the inf attack not keeping up with him.
  6. We're struggling to score any goals, lucky if we have two or three shots on target. The players all get muscled off the ball too easily, can never get the ball off the opposition and hardly ever even get a 7 plus rating for a player. Against teams who attack and commit players, I'll play counter attack, lower loe and positive mentality. The biggest issue is goals and regularly lose 1 or 2 nil. Any advice please ?
  7. He refuses to negotiate a new contract because of it but, there's a couple of years left. Do I wait to see if he calms down ?
  8. Once a player becomes unhappy (broken contract promise of winning a trophy) is there any way back or do you just have to sell them ?
  9. So far so good with an improvement in results against teams who are sitting deep and therefore not vulnerable to the counter. The small changes suggested have certainly made a difference. Due to a glut of centre backs and a lack of wide forward players, I'm considering changing to a 532 next season. Could I continue using the current tactical template with a few alterations and role/duty changes or, is it totally unsuitable. I've never used the formation before ?
  10. Yes, I'll change my BBM to a CM attack as recommended and DCL to a pressing forward which suits his aggression and bravery. He had a great season previously in that role though scoring every other game on average. He scores surprisingly few headers though. I need help with my set plays, I probably score about four goals a season through them. They're left as default
  11. Right, I'll remove the counter instruction with a higher LOE, increase the press (is that the entire team or split block) with a lower tempo.
  12. Ok, I'll give it a go, can you explain what under lap right will provide, is it just an extra player in midfield? I've always used short goal kicks because the boot up field from the keeper, I've noticed from watching the games, more often than not, results in losing the ball.
  13. We're struggling more against the teams we are expected to beat and performing well against the bigger teams, so what you're saying makes perfect sense and I assume is exactly what's happening. Our goals generally start on the counter attack, so as you say that's not going to happen against teams that sit back. How do you suggest I alter things for such problems. Do I need to lower tempo, shorter passing and focus play in the flanks ?
  14. It's just not happening this season, we played well during the first season, creating loads of chances and scoring plenty, finished seventh. This season there's just not the same penetration, we're not creating chances and sometimes have only three or four on target from 16 odd chances on goal. Is there anything I can change to improve things please ?
  15. OK great, could work a treat with a midfielder making a late run into the box then. I find the INF(a) seems to get loads of headed opportunities also, especially playing a winger support on the other side.
  16. OK, thank you, that makes sense
  17. Hi, is it a no no to have a left footer in the AML position as a INF attack. Is he going to always try and put it on his stronger foot and end up playing more as a winger ?
  18. OK, I will attempt the method you suggest and build a tactic from scratch, keeping it simple and build from there. Thank you
  19. I'm willing to try other tactics, I've played a season with a fluid counter attack style but, that was even less successful. Is there a style you suggest ? The tempo was turned down a little from preset. I've noticed 90% of my goals came from the centre forward and the inside forward. So, if they didn't score I lost. I had considered a BWM but, don't have many options apart from Delph but, he's regularly injured.
  20. Managing Everton in FM21 Touch and European qualification is a must in the first season, which I think is quite a tough ask. I've been playing 433 with a deep defensive mid using the geggenpressing default tactic, with pass into space removed and the LOE pulled back one notch. DLF a INF a winger s BBM CM s DM d WB s def def FB s We seem to compete well based on match stats, but lose to teams that have a couple of shots on target. Has anyone else
  21. You've made my mind up then, he'll definitely stay and fight it out with DCL for a starting place. I'll keep Branthwaite too and retrain him. I was trying to find a way to use him, so that's perfect. Thank you
  22. How does Kean perform as a PF, I use DCL in that role and he's superb. I've got Kean back at the end of the season from loan, so wonder whether to keep him or not. Also, how about Branthwaite as an anchor, I've not even considered that ?
  23. Had three excellent results in a row since making the changes suggested. I've changed my tactics each season, whilst trying to learn the game
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