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  1. There's no particular playing style I'm set on but, I do think with this team, counter is the way to go to get the best out of them, I may well be wrong, I'm still learning. The plan I have is to attack down the wings with the DLF and Cm a keeping up with them and to be getting in the box. Saying that I will still consider all the questions you're asking. The plan is to be a defensive team and achieve narrow wins but, whether this can be achieved with a 4123, I'm not sure. When I can, I'll upload some screenshots of the squad.
  2. Great advice, in this scenario, a carrilero helped considerably, thank you
  3. OK thank you. The goals have generally started down our left side, which is understandable, that's where I've concentrated on improving
  4. OK, so is the DM going to need to be a regista for example, in which case who, if any do I give a defend duty to. I've switched the BWM to a car s. I'm playing the right central midfielder as a CM a, does this need to be the playmaker instead with a defensive mid behind him ? I have been playing 4141 with little success but, I haven't played attacking wingers so, I'll switch to that and raise the LOE. Do I use this against the very best teams though ?
  5. That does make sense, there's probably too much space down that side. Perhaps a carrilero or cm s
  6. DLFa IW a Ws BWM s CMa DLPd WBs CD CD FBs Positive men, standard LOE and Def line, Counter, regroup, more urgent pressing, get stuck in. I've started a new save with Everton, so I have the original squad.
  7. Generally the channels as you say but, some through the middle as well
  8. OK, I'll change DLF s to DLF attack. The system is still quite porous defensively, is there anything I can do about this or is it always going to be with three up front ?
  9. The main issue I'm having now is how to attack in a defensive tactic. Against much better teams I normally resort to 4141 with a lower LOE. I'm finding this is effective defensively on occasions but, blunt going forward. I don't know how to resolve this. I'm basically attempting a 1 nil smash and grab. Since the picture, a different player plays as the DLP and I do find he gets forward to be involved surprisingly. I will try DCL on an attack duty and see what difference that makes but, I like at the moment how he's back in midfield sometimes to help get the ball back. I've slightly increased the pressing since, based on advice here but, my central defenders aren't the quickest so when I've played a high defensive line before it's not worked. At the moment I've got standard LOE and defensive line.
  10. OK, thank you, I'll give it try, there's nothing to lose and that does make sense
  11. I've tried to play this way but been unsuccessful, I probably didn't get it quite right. I don't think I had the right players. We're getting good performances from the new set up so I'm pleased with that
  12. The first couple of seasons I was regularly in the top 7 but, things slowly went backwards and it's been mid table. We do ok in the cups until we come up against City/Utd/Liverpool or Chelsea. Normally use 4141 there with lower LOE and Cautious mentality but struggle to cause them any problems really. Since the tactic I put up earlier I do now use standard LOE after advice on here, everything else is the same.
  13. Great advice, thank you, I'll get DCL training one two's. I have a lack of AMC position players so probably have to buy someone
  14. I play him as an INW so he can cut inside on his left foot. He's not the most productive but, I don't have many other options there and I like his teamwork and determination, he's great at tracking back. I think he only has about 6 assists in 18 games. The changes have hugely improved our attacking transitions with so many options for the player on the ball.
  15. I've never had success either with a INF in FM21 but don't know what alternative role to use other than another INW? Does an AP and CMa not leave you vulnerable?
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