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  1. Hey man, Been playing CM/FM for 20+years and never expect to have a tactic developed that will win 100% of games. Great advice about standard of players, morale, conditioning, team cohesion as well as familiarity. Just going to keep going with it and hopefully with those built up, I will experience better performances away from home. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with when FM21 is released!
  2. Been loving Cerber v5 for quite sometime but I can often dominate for long periods and then randomly trip up against bigger teams mainly away from from home. What changes (if any) do people make when they come up against bigger sides?
  3. Anyone got any recommendations for tactics to use with United? I like using a 4-1-2-2-1 with two wide inside forwards cutting in with the wing backs driving on. I manage to find good tactics to use when playing at home but as soon as I put the same tactics against bigger sides away from home I get torn to shreds. Anyone got a good pair or set of tactics that are similar and can be adapted for these situations?
  4. Been using this tactic with great affect for my Man Utd side but I was wondering what I could do to version 1 of the tactic when I am coming up against other top 6 sides and bigger sides in Europe? Is there a whole seperate tactic that anybody would recommend for this or is it just a case of a couple of tweaks?
  5. if I was to use this for a top 6 team such as Man Utd, what would you advise I do when coming up against equal or better teams @knap? Would you make any alterations playing away from home also?
  6. Any chance of sharing your tactic? How have you adapted it for fixtures where you should be winning vs more challenging games?
  7. @knapIs there a tactic that compliments this one or a tweak that you use for when you play against bigger sides/away from home? I’ve previously used this tactic and loved how productive it is but I’ve always struggled against fellow members of the top 6 both home and away on a consistent basis.
  8. It sounds painfully obvious but the sooner you assemble the trio of Tonali playing in front of your defence and Camavinga and Bellingham in the middle of the field the better.
  9. If I was to recreate this tactic, are there any further instructions I would need to put in place or are they all there? Failing that, any chance you could share it all? Also, to help with the fluidity, do you put this tactic in to all 3 slots or do you use it alongside others? Also,I presume you train each player individually for their specified positions?
  10. Hey @knap, struggling to find the 4-3-3 you mentioned that haxxahutc has just used, any chance of a link to it please?
  11. I have several at my disposal.... Erling Haaland Lautaro Martinez Troy Parrott Mason Greenwood Sebastiano Esposito I also have Vinicius Junior, Marcus Rashford, Ansu Fati & Anthony Martial. Out of those, who do would you advise I stick on the wings and who up top? Any particular individual or team instructions that I should be implementing with the players at my disposal?
  12. Hey @Totalfootballfan, FIrst off, loving the quality of these tactics! I am getting solid results whilst also keeping a good number of cleansheets. The only issue I am having with any of the tactics you have developed is getting any of my Strikers to score. The wide-men score for fun and the lads playing in the middle of the park chip in with a few but whoever I play up top only seems to score sporadically. Is there anything that you or anyone else has done to get them to score or is this just a side-affect of the effectiveness of the tactics themselves?
  13. Great, thank you @Totalfootballfan for getting back to me. Regarding the IWBs, what’s the reasoning behind one being supportive and one attacking? I presume this isn’t a mistake
  14. Hey @Totalfootballfan, I was loving life using the Public Beta V3 Destroyer tactic with Man Utd hammering teams in pre-season, keeping several clean sheets etc but now it is beginning to faulter. I have tried using the same tactic with less-superior clubs and it has had the same affect pre-season but then failing to come good in the actual season. Is there a tactic you currently have that is similar to this or is there a better combination of tactics that I could be using which are similar to the 4-4-2 Destroyer. Thanks and keep up the excellent work man.
  15. The only thing I have done differently is I loaded up my pre-season with more games than usual. This has helped to build up the familiarity. I always sign young players too so I feel pace has definitely played a part in the success of the tactic I am using also.
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