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  1. How does this differ compared to the tactic set that included the toptop tactic? I am wanting to play as Man Utd and wanted to know which 1 would be best to use.
  2. Here are some screenshots of how my game is set up. I have tried both the 19.1 and 19.3 Update Databases as well as enabling and disabling all of the custom files I have selected. All of these issues have been happening since the weekend.
  3. Hey, Since my game has updated to 19.3.2, when I have gone to start a new game, different database issues have been cropping up. For example, Rodgers not being at Leicester and Mike Phelan not being at Man Utd. I have attached the screenshot of my editor data folder for reference but I have tried using different custom updates as well as not using any at all and just running the game on the 19.3.2 DB and the same issues have persisted. Is it a known issue that custom databases may be struggling to run alongside 19.3.2? Any help with this would be hugely appreciated, Dave.
  4. Hey everyone, I have been loving life using the 19.2.1 4-3-3 with teams such as West Ham, Man Utd as well as Sunderland and have had 0 issues scoring goals. My only issue with the tactic has been how many I am conceding. Is there anything that I can tweak in the tactic to combat this? Failing that, when playing against bigger or more awkward sides, is there a tactic that I could pair this with that may be a little tighter at the back? Cheers knap, keep up the good work, Dave.
  5. If we can’t get a fix and immatediately, what I as well as everyone else that are experiencing the same issues would appreciate is just a quick update as to where we are, what’s happening and even, dare we ask for it, an apology? Is all of the above too much to ask for?
  6. But I’ve also seen people running it on other platforms struggling also
  7. I preferably want it fixed over the weekend pal, never mind before the winter update is released.
  8. Any form of timeframe for a fix for this? i wholly appreciate the work the work that goes in to making, maintaining and patching the game but as has been stated before me, the game is drastically unplayable currently.
  9. https://forum.mrltactics.com/topic/864/join-us-on-discord I have found this but it doesn't seem to connect to the Discord app on me Mac
  10. Ah ok, cheers for the heads up, I am not wanting to go to a 3-4-3, I was just wanting to know if the newest 4-3-3 press was any better than the 19.1 version I have been using that I have been destroying teams with? Essentially, is it worth me changing the tactic?
  11. How can I get hold of the latest press version of this tactic if the links are down? I am not too sure what MR L Disordering is! FYI, been using the 19.1 press 4-3-3 and been loving it. My defence have been leaky but when I am winning games by 2 or 3 goals the majority of the time (with the starting 11 below) then I can't complain! Finally, is the latest press tactic provide a few more clean sheets or is it more of the same "we'll score more than you" kind of football?
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