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  1. Great, thank you @Totalfootballfan for getting back to me. Regarding the IWBs, what’s the reasoning behind one being supportive and one attacking? I presume this isn’t a mistake
  2. Hey @Totalfootballfan, I was loving life using the Public Beta V3 Destroyer tactic with Man Utd hammering teams in pre-season, keeping several clean sheets etc but now it is beginning to faulter. I have tried using the same tactic with less-superior clubs and it has had the same affect pre-season but then failing to come good in the actual season. Is there a tactic you currently have that is similar to this or is there a better combination of tactics that I could be using which are similar to the 4-4-2 Destroyer. Thanks and keep up the excellent work man.
  3. The only thing I have done differently is I loaded up my pre-season with more games than usual. This has helped to build up the familiarity. I always sign young players too so I feel pace has definitely played a part in the success of the tactic I am using also.
  4. Haha yes it is, I was planning on signing up for the beta but never got round to it, played my pre-season games and things were going well so I didn't bother to install the beta! Rocking in this case just means using. I am only 6 games in to the season but I think playing so many pre-season games has helped with building up the familiarity etc and I am just really happy with how my team are playing. I am even already able to play my second team against weaker sides and still get the same level of performances which obviously helps.
  5. @Totalfootballfan Just wanted to let you know that I am rocking the Public Beta Destroyer V3 on the non-beta version of the game and my Man Utd side are scoring goals and keeping clean sheets against everyone it faces. Thanks man, the first tactic that has helped me to actually enjoy the game this year!
  6. Hey @Totalfootballfan, Loving Destroyer V2 on the public beta but I just had a couple of questions. when it comes to pre-season, how many friendlies do you recommend scheduling to build up familiarity with the tactic or does too many cause too many injuries? Also, when playing a game, is there anything we should be changing mentality wise or instructionally to combat being beaten or needing to protect a lead? Cheers pal and keep up the good work 🤓🤟
  7. How does this differ compared to the tactic set that included the toptop tactic? I am wanting to play as Man Utd and wanted to know which 1 would be best to use.
  8. Hey everyone, I have been loving life using the 19.2.1 4-3-3 with teams such as West Ham, Man Utd as well as Sunderland and have had 0 issues scoring goals. My only issue with the tactic has been how many I am conceding. Is there anything that I can tweak in the tactic to combat this? Failing that, when playing against bigger or more awkward sides, is there a tactic that I could pair this with that may be a little tighter at the back? Cheers knap, keep up the good work, Dave.
  9. If we can’t get a fix and immatediately, what I as well as everyone else that are experiencing the same issues would appreciate is just a quick update as to where we are, what’s happening and even, dare we ask for it, an apology? Is all of the above too much to ask for?
  10. But I’ve also seen people running it on other platforms struggling also
  11. I preferably want it fixed over the weekend pal, never mind before the winter update is released.
  12. Any form of timeframe for a fix for this? i wholly appreciate the work the work that goes in to making, maintaining and patching the game but as has been stated before me, the game is drastically unplayable currently.
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