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  1. Are the brexit rules that restrictive? Thinking of forgetting about waiting for the editor to be fixed and just bite the bullet and start a career with brexit.
  2. I normally wait until January but thought i'd get it this year on release date. My mistake!!!
  3. Damm. Just seen this. Might have to start again.
  4. What happened to the under 18’s? Using one from steam atm....
  5. This boy has been unbelievable for me so far. 29 Goals in 23 League games plus the rest. Picked up on a free for my Billericay side.
  6. Yeah, i followed all those stages but it still crashed. Have uploaded the file to them. Wondering if it has something to do with me overclocking the CPU.
  7. My game was running fine with all the added graphics until the new update. Now i've had to remove them all to continue. Hoping that works. But why would that make my game crash? Edit: Hold that. It crashed again!!!!
  8. After a goal is scored, the graphic stays on the screen. It seems to go after i skipped the replay of the next goal. red, the graphic stays on the screen.
  9. My SSD is running out of space. (yes i need to upgrade) If i put the saved game in the SSD drive and the game in the Other drive. Would it still run fast? What i'm asking is, which part do i need to put in the SDD to keep it running fast. (apart from both obviously!)
  10. I think it’s safe to say the match UI is getting mostly the thumbs down. Lack of information and customisation is disappointing.
  11. Agree the match UI is terrible. Hopefully (if possible) someone can create a skin which is better.
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