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  1. Signed a player under 20 (Gilchrist) on loan and thought i wouldn't have to register him. But now he can't play because i didn't. Is this a bug or a rule?
  2. Bit disappointing if another patch isn't due soon. Had a look at the bugs section and its packed!!!
  3. Has anyone modded the camera view so you can zoom in more or have different views?
  4. Is there a way to keep the panels the way you set them out? When i reload it seems to reset to the original sizes....
  5. Must admit, i can't remember getting any wonderkids in playing 30+ seasons over the last 2 versions of FM. Just bad luck?
  6. I also didn't get a title celebration when i won the National League.
  7. Yep. Just wanted to know what to look for when looking for, for someone who sets training.
  8. Yeah, i don't want to deal with the media but also don't want my staff talking about selling my own players!
  9. Quick question. . Do i have to give my players professional contracts if i want them to train full time?
  10. Don't remember my staff discussing players transfer gossip before.... How do i stop this? A
  11. Can you add a real photo of yourself instead of the creepy version of myself i see after it "generates" a avatar?
  12. Cheers. Weird as considering this was 37 games into the season, they were still expected to get 52 points!!
  13. Checked and looks like the best players were used.
  14. Just noticed in the first season they got relegated. Checked the team and they have some good players. Seems a bit weird.
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