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  1. 7 hours ago, phnompenhandy said:

    Yes, the official IGE does - you can increase both capacity and seating capacity - not future capacity as such, but you can just increase it when you need it.

    Yeah i switched off being able to edit by mistake at the start so that option won't work unless there is a work around.

  2. Thanks for the help. I think this is a issue with the game.

    I've tried:

    Resting the players.

    Sending them on holiday.

    Changing the Pre season training.

    Changing Tactics.

    Having the best Physio's and Medical staff.

    Rotation. And if you are telling me you have to rest them/play them each game, well that just isn't how it works irl. How many teams do that!!!!

    10 hours ago, Nacaw said:

    Jadedness/freshness is a threshold. If you are constantly waiting for your players to barely get out of being jaded, then keep playing them the same way as before, then the same problem will always return. 

    Always send them on holiday instead of resting.

    It looks like your players are playing 4-5 matches in a row in between rests. When people are talking about rotation, it's normally understood as "play one, rest one".  4-5 games in a row is not enough rotation for most players, certainly not fullbacks with average natural fitness that also play international games. 

    Worst case scenario, you can edit jadedness and just reset the cycle. They should be good for a year or two that way. Jadedness is likely to show up again unless you change your habits though. 



  3. Just now, XaW said:

    Then I think you should upload a save for SI in a bug report. I've never had this, so it could be something you are doing that we are unaware of, or that your specific setup triggers something. Creating a bug report will at the very least give you an answer from SI.

    I will try, but its unlikely to be fixed anytime soon, going by their record for bug fixing this season. Cheers.

  4. 8 minutes ago, XaW said:

    Could you go into the profile of one of the players and go to Reports -> Form, make sure to have "All teams" and "All competitions" selected and show the whole screen. That will let us see how many games they've played recently and perhaps it will show something.

    This player was jaded after 9 league games. I did not start him in the first few!

    Then i rotated him after just 5 games in a row, which had a international break in it.

    Then again, rested after just 4 games in a row.


  5. 2 minutes ago, sporadicsmiles said:

    Rotate your squad, rest the players who are jaded. They are young players, and you should not be running young players into the ground anyway. 

    If you are having players getting jaded at this stage of a season then there are only two things it can be due to. Either they have played a fair bit of football in the summer and not had a good break (maybe coupled with an early start in Europe or a long preseason), or you have been playing them for every minute of every game (an exaggeration, but the vast majority of minutes they will have played) including preseason.

    I mean the solution for this is pretty easy. If a player is jaded, rest them. If you want to avoid players getting jaded, rotate them. If you are seeing jaded players often, you are not doing one or both of these things well.


    Sorry but that solution is wrong. 

    I've tried resting them.

    I've tried rotating the squad.

    I have 3 squads effectively and yet i still get the jaded issue. Its laughable.image.thumb.png.21e74fd1f3f49bca76ab26075ec8d7df.png



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