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  1. No luck unfortunately. Whenever I submit my team I get the 'free up memory' error or it says that the game has crashed for another reason.
  2. I've been unable to find a graphics driver update - it seems that the most recent version available is from 2010. I've used multiple computer scanning softwares that all suggest I have the most recent driver update. I've redownloaded the most recent drivers just in case, but that doesn't seem to have made an impact after starting the game up a few times. I suppose I'll just have to hold out until I buy a new computer. Thanks.
  3. The crash happens about 50% of the time when I submit my team. I've uploaded the save at 10:21am (Australian time)/11:21pm (Greenwich mean time) under the file name 'Arsenal - 123654'. I've also been getting the 'free up memory' issue, but I've had that problem for the last 2-3 football manager games, which I believe is due to my computer. I plan on building a new one but until then I'm stuck with what I have. Any solutions appreciated, thanks.
  4. When I try to submit my lineup and continue into a match, the game crashes. I've noticed others reporting similar issues, but I haven't been able to solve it. Crash dump attached. FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036178 (2017.11.07 20.09.43).dmp
  5. I feel like many people misunderstand what the beta is actually for
  6. Unfortunately I've since foolishly deleted the save. I tried to replicate the save but the problem didn't appear - it was slow but didn't freeze. Sorry about that - thanks for the help anyway.
  7. Yep it was something to do with my computer. It's a shoddy old toshiba and is struggling to run the game. I had about 30 leagues running and 50 000+ player database. I started another save with only a few leagues, which stopped the problem. Thanks for the help.
  8. The game doesn't crash or anything, but occasionally (once every in-game week or so), when I press continue, the loading screen freezes and I have to restart my computer. I haven't noticed many others having this problem so is there a chance it is just my computer?
  9. Not a bad idea, but I just don't think it would work. In real life, subs are often warming up along the sideline regardless of whether they are about to come on or not.
  10. YES! Great idea, I'd love to see this too!
  11. Yea definitely a cool thing to be able to change the grass length and even the moisture levels if thst's allowed
  12. I think overall the talking definitely needs improvements
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