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  1. It happens on my game too and even after the match I can’t still view the goals. It doesn’t that often
  2. Since I updated to iPadOS and updated the game to version 19.3.4 my teams can seem to score goals no matter the amount of chances created but if I close the game and reopen it and start the game from when I closed it all those chances they missed will show as goals. For example: Wolves vs United no goals scored by 70 minutes then I close the game and open then it ask if I want to continue from where the match was when I closed it I click yes the match opens at the 70 minutes but now the score of the match is Wolves 1-5 United and all the clear chances my players missed have all gone in. Please address this issue it has made the game unplayable.
  3. Sometimes when goal is scored the flash that show the players name gets stuck and for the rest of the match I am unable to use the timeline bar to review past incidents as that flash is stuck there.
  4. Frequency and amount of injuries has reduced after update but when there is an injury it is now usually a long term injury like 5, 6 or 7 months. A lot of season ending injuries
  5. I can confirm it. My system on recommended for pc picks high but even on very low it still lags
  6. Mine is on an iPad Air. I got to agree with you the game was excellent before the update.
  7. it has made the game unplayable. happens almost every match now. Need a fix soon.
  8. There should be away to set opposition instruction permanently. it is frustrating setting it every match.
  9. The match engine freezes and i have to close the game and start the match all over. Since the update FMT 18.2.0 is happening more frequently.
  10. Device: iPad Air, iOS: 11.1.2 1. There are too many in-match injuries. 2. There are too many misplaced passes even when you select the tactical instruction tell players to player very short passes and retain possession. 3. Players playing narrow even when instructed to exploit flanks and player wide. 4. Players passing the ball in the middle of the pitch even when instructed to exploit flanks and refusing to pass the ball to wingbacks. 5. some player roles not showing
  11. The next - appearance tab can’t be clicked so I can’t create a profile, what do I do now
  12. If I start the game on my iPad Air and reach season 29 and cross save and play to season 31 on my PC can I then save back on the iPad and continue playing. Will the break the season limit barrier.
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