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  1. if someone is skipped this round can i take England from the next round please
  2. If DH gets his 3rd strike this time around i'm happy to step in, either with Belgium (to make it easier) or with another team of my choice. EDIT - I may have miscalculated his strikes? Is he on one or two? is anyone on two?
  3. Is it too late to join this?
  4. So my laptop has decided to since completely f##k up, hopefully we'll get this save back at some point, but i'm not rushing due to moving out shortly and a baby on the way! this thread is put on hold for now.
  5. What skin are you using Makoto? Is it Vitrex? Does it have Instant Result?
  6. In exactly the same boat, i've not even touched FM for a week! Withdrawal symptoms!
  7. Had a very busy week this week, so have not played at all, hoping to get back on soon
  8. Decent intake, seems to always be the positions you want, don't come!
  9. They've been dragged to play for us and paid pennies on contract extensions, no wonder they look like that!
  10. Thanks man, hopefully but can't see it happening at the moment, we get close but are obviously not good enough to get there
  11. Right so that's everything up to date now I've returned from being away. Got a fair bit of FM played, i've completed the next season, but have not got the time to update that yet.
  12. 2039/40 Season Review No Super Coppa but a cup and league double. Very decent in Europe for us too, was so close to Champions League group stages. League Table | League Results | Cup Results | Finances Awards | Stats San Marino in Europe RNK Split 6-0 Fiorentino NK Domžale 6-0 AC Libertas IFK Göteborg 4-0 SC Faetano Champions League - PSG 1-3 Man City Europa League - Porto 2-3 Shakhtar Guess who wins the Prem again? Man City of course. Transfers A few released and loaned, then some others leaving for pennies. Under 19s A league title, but a semi final loss.
  13. 2039/40 Season Youth Intake Youth Candidates Not a whole lot of depth but a right back was something we were desperately needing. He will be first team straight the way. Key Players Alex Ciacci (YP24a) Some very nice stats, will be first team straight the way, which will aid his development too. Luca Conti (YP24b) Rubbish personality but some nice stats. Will need some work before challenging for the first team though.
  14. That first game was mental. We also had pretty close games in the others except against Bilbao!
  15. This was the easiest possible draw! Not easy by any means, but we have some hope! The dream of Champions League groups is over, probably the best opportunity we'll get in a long time. That gives us this draw.