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  1. Good progress already! Walsall and Colchester in the prem! Weird
  2. Hijacking, sorry @Jupjamie as San Marino's youngsters at the start are absolutely shocking they don't usually go anywhere and don't lose many players until others/yourself turn semi-pro/pro
  3. Thanks! Another 3 weeks until he's here! Trust me i'd still be playing the save if it hadn't corrupted
  4. A carbon copy of this year's champions league final?
  5. 4-0 loss to Croatia, what is happening to England
  6. Keeper for keeper between England and Croatia. Really need to start getting some wins
  7. Unlucky loss for England Belgium beating France and Columbia beating Argentina two very good results for them!
  8. It's protecting for the year not just world cup and only against AI teams
  9. Just noticed, Columbia are going to be an absolute force, if they win the World Cup.
  10. England doing an England.. Nice to see Rashford scoring at free will though!
  11. England will take Sardar Azmoun from Iran and Aymen Abdennour from Tunisia.
  12. BREAKING NEWS: England have elected Donald Trump to build a wall and protect Ruben Neves and Dele Alli
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