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  1. Hi, i would like fm19 online (Multiplayer) with my colleagues during the launch break, without play 'n the same terminal.... but we have one little problem: the company network has the steam block, so we can't go online with steam! is there any way to play with lan or anything else ? Thanks in advance
  2. like as title.... I don't understand, if i can buy the CD or it will only be digital. thanks
  3. Welcome back, today we'll see all the matchs that i played and the league grp table (including the end of world cup qualification) Easy 80' match with Nuorese.... after 80' panicccccccc Draw with one of the best team, but hard start for Rieti:Not hard match with one no bad team:Another victory with problem for my strikers:Draw with one little club.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:Not the best victory:Easy win:League Table: Macedonia and we are near the world cup:World cupppppp, spain second:Last with Israel:Group:
  4. 1° Sept, season started, a lot of new player and new objectives.....let's go! With a lot of youths 'n loan, now we can try to win the league (rules for the matchs: There must be at least 4 U21, 3 U19, 1 U18). We have excellent strikers and midfielders, defenders not the best. We won the first league grp match and the first two rounds of the league cup... good start!! Staff situation now: Squad dept. now: Overview of my league grp after the transfer: Schedule: Matchs First round of cup, problems with my striker.... a lot of shots, only 1 goal: Second round of cup, i continue have problems to setting the striker: First of the league, Atletico very defensive force us to comeback... miracles at the end with 4 striker!: Perfect match at the world cup qualification, Liech destroyed:
  5. We are near the end of July, I borrowed some players and signed some free players. today we will see: friendly, some of the new player, tattics for the season and the first match of Italy. Best of new players:Historical player of my region, signed for free from amatuer clubLoan, good player for the Under rulesLoan from lazio, top playerLoan from As RomaLoan GK, not the best but UnderTatticsMain Tattic:Ball possession, slow game, short passages2° tattic, only in case of emergency:offensive, fast game3° tattic, defensive:counterattackFriendlyLittle amateur club, easy match:Another little team, tattic need some adjustments:Serie D club from other grp, tattic need adjustments for the foward and offensive position: Friendly:Tatticsprobably 4231 or 433(winger), i must check Now we'll see again at the end of transfer, so end of august!]
  6. Oh thx! from now I'll use the bottom... but the flags, strange.
  7. I don't know why the links don't works.... only the two flags works
  8. Before we start: Screenshot career, (only if i have time) video of matches. Team: my little city (4th lvl of italy) + Italian national. Objectives: bring my little city to serie A + win something with Italy I'm Italian and my english sucks.... so this 1 screen story! The name of my city is Albano Laziale, the football team... Albalonga Calcio I have loaded the DB of Italian lower league, so i have realistic db then the original db of fm18. Italy piramid: Serie A, Serie B, Lega pro (ex serie C. 3 grps.. A, B, C), Serie D (my team division D/G , 9 grps.. A to I) Serie D competitions: championship of the grp + Coppa Serie D [Series D cup] (team from all grps) + Poule Scudetto (competition at the end of season for all the grps winner). The winner teams of all the grps go to Lega Pro..... so i must win my group!!. Now we can start First day objectives: https://s15.postimg.cc/bl0yzdmez/20180617161851_1.jpg My group Serie D/g: https://s15.postimg.cc/46bn6l84r/20180617161805_1.jpg Schedule: https://s15.postimg.cc/6aw07rp7v/20180617161945_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/46bn6r86j/20180617161951_1.jpg Staff current situation: https://s15.postimg.cc/w6fqr7r4b/20180617161734_1.jpg Team CA: https://s15.postimg.cc/qv0u6os8r/20180617161605_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/9uhxy1a2j/20180617161617_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/vuyae55fv/20180617161621_1.jpg Team report overwiev https://s15.postimg.cc/7eg4jpuff/20180617161721_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/5mn5p5ybf/20180617161725_1.jpg Best players and youths: https://s15.postimg.cc/8w668xoiz/20180617164940_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/ky1k34823/20180617164955_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/4zsud0o4r/20180617165009_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/xcoc3hx0b/20180617165020_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/md34rx1gb/20180617165045_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/5ck8jlyt7/20180617165107_1.jpg Transfer Budget: https://s15.postimg.cc/ihzqpkni3/20180617161905_1.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/xte6x5j97/20180617182744_1.jpg Schedule: https://s15.postimg.cc/h5mouq1d7/20180617182752_1.jpg
  9. hi, i have shared my 18' with my brother (same pc), he....... can unlock achievement? he subscribed some from workshop, but no achievement unlocked he opened the store, but no ach unlocked he signed one pIlayer, but no ach unlocked. me or my brother need to do something with steam or settings?
  10. like as title i search italian guys to play online
  11. Hi, i'm started to train 1 national team and I would like to receive scout report.... to scout the youth players and in the future to scout the regen. I ordered to scout some players (player > national team > national report > scout player) but my scout don't work. Under players scouting page(scouting > assignments > players) in the column "progress remaining" for all players (that I ordered to be observed) i read "on hold". I tried to set 1 my scout to manage the assignments and i tried to do my self (and I left some scout without orders).... but nothing, my scout don't work and i can't recive reports. what am I doing wrong? In the future to see the changes of one player, I have to remove report and scout again the player? sorry my bad english
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