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  1. Prompt as you made that in the FIFA Club World Cup file there was only one line with this competition and there are no lines the nation or the continent. I want to do about the same, but for another competition. When I edit your file(I put another competition instead of FIFA Club World Cup), the game stops seeing it.
  2. Thanks. The group stage by the number of teams remains as before. Only the number of qualifying rounds in UEL and UEL2 increases. And a transition round is added after the group stage in UCL and UEL. I have already found in which round teams are not taken correctly and instead of them big clubs are selected. Everything seems to be set up as it should, but the teams are not selected. Definitely lost some detail. As will appear more time, I'll try all the same to customize a version of the file. If you do not mind, sometimes I will ask you for advice and help.
  3. I know about the new format of the UEFA competition. In the list in file 25 there are two entries for UEFA Europa League. What is the difference between them in the editor. Or you can delete one of the entries. I want to edit the file a little bit for myself.
  4. If not a secret how you made Monaco a playable country? Sorry for my English, is not my native language
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