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  1. Moutorious

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I'm wrong?
  2. You do know a forum and some real life friends don't represent the entire FM demographic, right?
  3. mezzala currently, works so well in half spaces it's amazing. defensive forward on defend is also growing on me, seems a better false 9 than an actual false 9.
  4. salah is completing the 6th most dribbles per 90 for a wide player this season (2.9p90). this, for me, isn't how a wide poacher would play and is why I use him as an inside forward instead.
  5. Moutorious

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    salah scores for fun as an if-a, firmino as the false 9 and mane as a winger-support
  6. Mezzala and an Inside Forward on the same side?
  7. Moutorious

    The Firmino

    Henderson got way more passes than Coutinho did, didn't attract the ball nearly as much as him.
  8. Moutorious

    The Firmino

    He's not a playmaker either mate. Remember Klopp saying something like "pressing is the best playmaker", gives the feeling to me that he tries and avoids having a playmaker role in his team.
  9. Moutorious

    The Firmino

    Firmino is anything but a TQ, honestly.
  10. Just my experiences when trying to get it to work mate
  11. DLF/s plays way too deep for my team, no one in the box when I've used it.
  12. W(S) F9 IF(A) Mez(A) Carr HB/DLP(D) FB(A) BPD CD FB(S)
  13. Left side, combines with Mane well. Also, Mane's PPM's are a massive help in getting this to work, he gets into the opposition area even with a support duty so his movement isn't as static as you'd think it'd be.
  14. I've got Mane playing as a winger on support on the left and Salah as an inside forward on attack, with stay wider, and Firmino as a F9 with Coutinho as a mezzala, it works pretty well I've found.
  15. is it just me who's unable to view highlight packages provided by scouts in 2D? Seems to not be an option to do this at all?