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  1. I remember i report this as a bug when it was still beta mode, they told me it was because of the graphics in the preference, lower the graphics to medium but still this is an issue that is not normal...with the previous versions i could use my other software like PS or final cut and still play but with FM17 it's [ ]
  2. The continue button says must respond but there is nothing to respond to. been stuck there for 12h now trying to figure what's wrong . if anyone knows how to solve it please help. feeling sick of all this bugs...first i couldnt buy any player because i saved more than a billion, i decided to continue and play with the issues then now i cannot play at all.
  3. I wish that FM17 could be just for my macbook and FMT17 for my ipad, seems a bit awkward to have 2 FM on the same Mac...the FMT isn't even available yet for iPad ;[
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