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  1. Been using this Tactic after taking over S****horpe from Brian Laws after his Exit to Sheff Wed and finished 2nd in League 2 and was 15th in Championship on December 8th when West Ham approached me, I went and took them from 15th to 9th in the Premiership and im currently 3rd in the following season after 19 Games. Awesome tactic and works wonders!
  2. Really is a cracking Tactic, Took over Charlton after guiding Nottm Forest up but lost the 4 out of the first 5 games so came on here and tried this Tactic and its worked wonders!! I went from having the following results, Villa 1-2 Away Sheff Utd 1-1 Home Portsmouth 1-2 Away Blackburn 1-4 Home Ipswich 1-2 Away To having these results!! Newcastle 2-0 Home, League Cup Everton 1-1 Home Fulham 1-0 Away Arsenal 2-1 Home Really does work wonders with little tweaks. Superp! Thankyou!
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