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  1. Thought this might be worth posting. 2 seasons in and undefeated in the premier league :-) Premier League wins - 2 FA Cup wins - 2 Carabao Cup wins - 1 Community Shield wins - 2 World Club Championship wins - 1 Bayern Munich knocked me out of the Champions League both seasons so I need to make up for that next year. This was done using my own created tactic - 4-1-2-2-1 and have not changed it since around 5-10 games into the first season.
  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've implemented some of those (mainly from Experienced Defender) and I'm now 6 point clear at the top of the Championship with 12 games left and scored the most goals in the league. :-)
  3. I've been playing my save for a few seasons now with various types of this formation. I'm now coming to a point where my job is insecure because I've only scored 5 goals in 6 games and drawn 5 of those games. We are the favourites in the championship and I don't seem to be able to break teams down. I am fine defensively but appreciate big changes my change that. Any ideas how to produce more goals out of this tactic? I've got 2 of the best strikers in the league in Pedro and Brewster. Thanks in advance
  4. I'm not missing the point at all. My point was that the game is well worth the money in its current form. You can pay much more for a computer game and get far less playtime from it. The game is what it is. Just my opinion so thought i'd voice it as everybody else does
  5. Maybe people are forgetting that this is a computer game that costs approx £35. You pay this amount once per year and get endless hours of play from the game. Surely we can't expect the ME to be perfect and 100% replicate how football is played? If you don't like the ME that much just play with commentary only and enjoy the rest of the GAME. The game is worth every penny of the price, even if there was no match engine and just simulated results.
  6. Ok, so I could but I wouldn't likely get the desired outcome which would be a well balanced tactic. Do you see any issue with a B2B and an inside forward on the same side? The other thought was 2 inside forwards with a B2B and an AP as the creator
  7. Hi, I'm looking to start a liverpool save now that the winter update has been released and I want to create a new tactic. This is mainly because in the past the ME changes have had an impact on the tactic I've created. One of the first things I'm thinking (and I'd be interested in your thoughts on this) is that Liverpool's midfield lacks balance for the system I want to create. In an ideal world I would like to play a 4-1-2-3. The 2 best CM's are natural B2B midfielders and the 2 wide men are natural inside forwards. In this system I would prefer different roles for each wide player to mix it up a little. Even if I went with 2 inside forwards wouldn't the B2B midfielders get in the way and attack similar spaces? Also, I couldn't play with 2 B2B midfielders and 2 inside forwards, could I? It's a quality squad we have but I want to use a system and roles that best suit the players i have. What system and roles do you see working best for this squad? Not overly concerned about style yet as I will look to implement that when I've settled on formation and roles. Am I focusing too much on having natural roles in each area? Thanks
  8. That makes sense but would it be a problem having the AP a and the RMD a both on the same side of the pitch?
  9. So i've settled upon a tactic that is very stable at the back but i'm having trouble scoring goals. Most goals come from my 2 wide players but having poor performances from the striker. So poor that I just got frustrated and sold Firmino haha. Any suggestions?
  10. I've done some further testing today and settled upon a tactic with a slight variation for home and away games. I found that my home record was very good with a quick and direct style but away from home we were pretty good with a quick game and just standard passing. This is what I'm going to start a save with over the weekend but as always I would appreciate any feedback or advice, simply to point anything out which you think might cause problems etc.
  11. Cheers for all the feedback guys. I'm just trying a few things on FMT now. I've tried to implement some of the things you've suggested and come up with the following which I will talk through. My reasoning may be utter nonsense but I'm sure you'll tell me if that's the case :-) So, I've gone with a SK because Alisson has very good passing and may be able to unlock teams with his trait of long throws. This actually goes against the distribute to centre backs TI I have selected so I will be removing that from the image below. I've gone for wing backs support and attack. Their mentality is set to the opposite of the player in front of them just to avoid being too predictable on one side. One ball playing defender which will be Van Dijk just because he is good enough. Not using him in that role may waste much of what he is good at. I anticipate alot of teams will defend deep and compact against me so he may be able to open them up every now and then. I've set the DM to HB to hopefully strengthen and cover in defence, plus I want the playmaker to be a bit higher up the pitch where they can have more impact. The Centre mids are still up for change but I've gone with DLPs and Mezs. Now, I'm not 100% comfortable with this for reasons I don't know, it just doesn't feel right but I could be wrong (usually am). The wide players are Salah as RMD, not only because it was suggested above but I have used him in that role in FM18 with alot of success. Having looked at the role aswell it will hopefully reduce the number of cut inside and shoot from distance scenarios. Mane IF s on the other side. Again, this is the opposite of the other wing and really the only suitable role I see for him. I've gone with DLFa for Firmino. I want to get him involved in the build up but also being in position to score goals and I feel this would work best. When selecting Treq it seemed to push him really high up and I felt there may be a big gap which would affect the link up play. The TI's will be as per the picture, minus the dist to centre backs. I'll report back after a few games on FMT.
  12. Still no luck at all. I'm going to revert to FMT so I can test different things out with my tactics. I love this formation and really want to make it work but I just don't seem to be able to get my striker involved. This results in a complete lack of shots in general, and hardly any half or clear cut chances. So frustrating.
  13. I have done that a few times but when I get good results in FMT and bring them back to FM it never seems to be the same haha. Admittedly when I use FMT i do just go on holiday and get my assistant to use my tactic. I have made a few changes which I'm going to try fro a few games. I've changed my GK to a GK(d) instead of SK. I've also changed one of my centrebacks to just CB(d). The mezzala has been changed to Carrilero. I'll see how this works for a while.
  14. Thanks for the reply. My thoughts around the goalkeeper and 2 ball playing defenders were to try and initiate counter attacks, but this doesn't seem to be working so well. I would like some risky passes when the opportunity is there but not so much that they trying them all the time. Would you say this could be a problem due to having my players already quite high up the pitch? Maybe I could change the goalkeeper and ball playing defenders to more rigid roles and just let them follow the TI's? I would like the moves to start with the DLP as that is what he's there for. My thinking around the Mezzala was that he would play that bit wider when the inside forward cuts in, not sure what other people's experience with that is. Perhaps having the DLP in that position would be better and then playing my current DLP as a DM instead? That way he will cover for more attacking wingbacks? Thoughts?
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