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  1. Don't buy. The ME can't replicate anything the resembles a compact defensive shape.
  2. That thread have been closed. The word from SI when closing the thread was " This is an area of the game that we need to improve for future editions of the game and something that we have not addressed for this patch that we have just released" but it does not state if they will try and fix the issue for FM17 or if they have post poned it and fix it for FM18.
  3. The bug is well-known, reported, and ackowledged to be 'under review'. I'm wondering if it's in the pipe line to fix this for FM17 or not.
  4. Can we expect the bug of wingers defending too wide to be fixed in coming patches for FM17? I won't be buying the game until it is fixed. I cannot understand that they did not catch this bug before the release, it took me 5 mins of playing the demo to realize something was awfully wrong.
  5. Can someone guide me step by step into finding the extra quickstart leagues through Steam? I am utterly lost.
  6. So I'm playing a pre-season friendly. I'm up 3-1 while the opposition team is passing the ball around in their back line. Suddenly, whilst on the ball, one of their centreback gets a hip injury and is left immobilized. The ball runs free a meter or so from the poor centreback. My attacker (apparently lacking any sense of sportsmanship) runs up, takes the ball, slams it home and then goes off celebrating like he's just scored the winning goal in a Champions Leaugue final. Surely this isn't right?
  7. Still crossing my fingers for pressing triggers to be introduced. We're missing out on alot of tactical dynamics in current games when it comes to pressing, how to press, when to press.
  8. The tooltip for the sit narrower PI states "Sit narrower is designed to set the team up to play in central areas of the pitch...". So when I select this option for a player, does it change his position to be more narrow or does it actually make the whole team play narrower? The tooltip is very confusing.
  9. My apologies for the language! What I had to do was to manually select to load all players from Portugues top division in order for him to show up. Thanks! Now I'm really enjoying FM again
  10. Thank you! However Danilo should be at Valencia. Otherwise, excellent. edit: he is at Valencia in the database, my bad. he doesnt exist at all in my game though, wierd. I prolly ****ed up somehwere
  11. I nice feature would be to be able to tell your youth coaches to use an overall philosophy. Like Barcelona focuses on technique and passing even at very young age. I know you can set indiviual focuses but I think a realistic option would be to tell your youth coaches to use an overall philosophy based on technique or physique or a mix between them. Then depending on the quality of your coaches they would apply this good or bad
  12. The twelve step guide is excellent but focuses most on how the creative freedom is distributed around the team. The philosophies comes with different mentality structres which one must take into consideration. A very fluid philosophie will give you a very compact team, good for short passing. A Fluid philosophie however will give you a split team, good for countering with direct passing from defence to attack and so on. Would be swell if someone would make a proper guide on the mentality structures of the different philosophies (pro's and con's, what passing would suit them etc)
  13. His main question still remains though. How is these things not found while testing?
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