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  1. @crusadertsar How is your team's avg position w/o the ball? Does it look to be more like 4-4-2 or some kinda 4-5-1/4-3-3 in defending? The front 6 reminds me of (in recent years) of the Man U tactical setup you highlighted in your Sir Alex Strikerless Masterclass article (attached snap below) less than 3 months ago...just that position areas are different obviously. That Rivelino role on your setup reminiscent of KDB the past 2-3 years with City or even Haidara with Salzburg during the Rose tenure.
  2. Papu's role now in 3-4-1-2 is AP/s bc he often drops deep from his advanced position to areas btwn midfield & defense
  3. Really quick: CF/s might be the ticket with Duvan or even DLF/s bc of how often he roams to the flanks & is connected to both Gosens or one of Gomez & a Freuler/Pasalic in their diamond rotational overloads Robin Gosens has been compared to Marcos Alonso circa 2016/17 so DW can be a good shout. For Hans Hateboer: I've used a CWB/s similar to an old Chelsea Conte tactic @Rashidi used to emulate Moses that winning season & it worked really well with Andrea Conti in FM17. Though I think WB/s would be better Attached my old FM17 tactical screenshot for kicks....ki
  4. Not really a possession tactic yet Atalanta were top 5 Possession team in Serie A the past 3 seasons...I had a better effort emulating their tactic in FM17 & 18. FWIW..
  5. I only used this tactic twice....have to train one of my DMs or use Ginter for example as the Libero. Similar idea to what @crusadertsar did in his 3-4-3 TF tactic with his Libero. Like I said I'm not one to ever use Hold Shape...though you can see in this 3-4-1-2 where it's necessary esp if playing in Italy or say in Germany if you would like to that 3412/3421 Nagelsmann did at Hoffenheim. Maybe for a Mentality standpoint, I'd favor Attacking since it's supposed to emulate Gasperini's Atalanta...or just ramp up the tempo. TM (Duvan role) & Treq (Ilicic role) stay wider. TM allowed
  6. All I was saying is that I didn't like how it worked on my Gladbach save when I used a emulated Gasperini tactic that had TI Hold Shape. Stuck with a more Rose tactic (actually @crusadertsar Total Football 4-3-3 emulating Barca in 2010s has worked splendidly with this squad)
  7. Generally no... tend to not use Hold Shape much in my tactics anyhow since it was an option in FM19.. I've found that when I've played with Gladbach, teams that press hard (e.g. apart from the top 2..RBL B04 Freiburg) give them trouble in FM20...like in real life! Lol.....Much depends on how well you develop Zakaria & Neuhaus being mentored by Christoph Kramer (who's a favorite DM to use in most Bundesliga Club saves since FM15 or earlier) One transfer I did pursue was getting Dominik Szoboszlai from Salzburg to add more depth to the midfield corps. Ginter-Elvedi is as solid a CD partnersh
  8. I'm definitely a proponent of simple tactics @crusadertsar. The only TI that never seemed to work for me was Hold-Shape...which is something I noticed works great with Serie A clubs but not necessarily for Bundesliga for some reason...
  9. Re Rudi Garcia: I know this topic is on his Lille side from back in the day but his tactics with Roma that first year for me was awesome. With Totti as a F9, Gervinho in a IF/a or RMD/a role on the RW. Llajic as IW/IF. Roma also had one of the best CD pairings in Serie A w/ Benatia & Castan + the ageless wonder Maicon on RB. Now with midfield @crusadertsar think you're pretty spot on with how Rudi set up Lille. Esp using more of the AP/a to replicate that free #8 role.
  10. Just wonder if the Azpilicueta role would be the same in FM20...
  11. Yep I was thinking the same using the IW esp for Pedro’s role. Maybe even Hazard too but that AP-A allows him to pop up basically everywhere even in the box. Would you leave David Luiz as a CD-Co just so he doesn’t stray too far nor spray wayward long balls lol?
  12. @Rashidi I remembered this tactic from 3+ years ago bc of how well this tactic emulated Conte's Chelsea irl....and watching a lot of Favre's BVB system using Lukas Piszczek as a right-sided CB that can support the right flank or half-space on occasion. Same with Gasp's Atalanta 3-4-1-2/3-4-3 system with their RCB. Can't imagine using this exact tactic on FM20 ...considering that...what would you tweak if you would attempt to replicate it esp with the current ME?
  13. @crusadertsar going to give this a whirl in my current Gladbach save....only thing I've been a bit disappointed in with the 1st couple of Total Football Tactics is the Possession % has been around the mid to high 40s. Otherwise getting a lot of great chance generated & a lot of goals. As far as clubs w/ a great Youth Academy outside the typical choices....Think a club like AZ would be an interesting squad to work in this system
  14. I really like the WM/a role: for not just creating a deep Raumdeuter but also the old Mandzukic deeper Wide Target Man role he used to perfection in real life for Juve
  15. So I found this pretty interesting....this is the tactical direction Quique Setien has been going since taking over at Barca: BTP does a great outline of this in a recent article compiling the buildup strategies of the 7 best teams in Europe. https://betweentheposts.net/what-possession-shapes-do-europes-top-teams-use/ Definitely think you were on to something in your tactic evolution is @crusadertsar
  16. How does Dzeko play in the Shadow Striker role when you don’t start Zaniolo or just opt to start him as the IF on the RW?
  17. That Ajax 3-4-3 Diamond is one of the hardest tactics to get just right on any version of FM. I remember one Tactic Thread from FM16 that looked more like 3-5-1-1 on the Tactics Screen but at times did look like that famous diamond in midfield...But the Carrilero role wasn't created yet. Cant' wait to see how this looks & how you solve the Kluivert striker role...esp for my Giallorossi
  18. I've been following this thread for a little while. Thought I'd contribute a bit. If you look at the average position (Oriented from the top down) of Los Che vs Barcelona (taken from Valencia website), you can see how much higher & narrow Guedes is on the Left compared to Soler on the right. IW (A) seems to be the best suited position for Guedes with PI's Sit Narrower & Roam from Position.
  19. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Got this Average Position Map from Barcelona's Wrap-up of the match vs Sevilla. Seems Lucho's 3-3-1-3 tactic looks a lot like your Pep tactic but Messi's movement looks similar to the AM(a) role in your Cruyff Diamond.
  20. The Strikerless Version of this Tactic really matches well when trying to emulate the current in-form Gladbach under Dieter Hecking. Only tweak I did was put a "Roam from Position" Shout for Raffael at the SS(A)
  21. Same tactic as @Rashidi Conte 3-4-3, but I just add to be More Expressive & Pass into Space (depending on Opposition.) Every now and then I'll add Work Ball Into Box. PI's for each position is the same too. I'll ask the Defensive Forward/Deep-Lying Forward to Move into Channels though. And the CM(S) i'll ask to Hold Position because Christoph Kramer has tendency to sneak into the box. I've fiddled with CM(Au) couple games, think it works with Kramer. **Disclaimer** -- assuming you watched @Rashidi YouTube on Conte's Chelsea.
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