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  1. Update: Plays for the national team now, and is doing well there. I just sold him for €42m to Bayern. Couldn't keep hold of him, sadly.
  2. It's not two goals, it's two games and six goals. 90% of the goals I concede are of a similar to what you saw in the clips. I really appreciate all the suggestions. I'll have to experiment a little, but it's going a lot better so far.
  3. All of my defenders are quick. They're all 15/15 pace/acceleration. I don't believe that's the issue. Here are some samples of the goals we're frequently conceding: http://streamable.com/2dude http://streamable.com/hzi5t The recurring theme seems to be counter-attacks, through balls or my fullbacks being beaten one on one. There's a few things i've suggested to myself to fix this: 1) Instruct my forward players to press more, and/or to mark tighter. 2) Move my AML and AMR to just ML and MR, so that they contribute more defensively. 3) Move my CM's to DM's so that they offer even more cover for my fullbacks. Does anyone have some feedback on this? Certainly didn't help to make him a limited full back. As we're playing on control, our defensive line is already pushed up quite often. Would it really help to push them up even more? Also when i've moved my AMR W(su) to MR W(su) he still seems to slouch defensively. Should I change his role to something else, or perhaps change my tactic/players entierly?
  4. It's going a lot better, but we're still conceding quite a lot. Here's the current set-up. Not quite sure where it's going wrong. Nearly half of goals conceded are from crosses, but none of them headers. Primarily their assists come from (their) left wing. I've noticed Gassama has quite poor decision making, so i'll change him to defensive full back and hopefully that'll make a difference.
  5. Hello. In my RC Lens game i've been running into some issues recently. Defensively we're the worst team in the league. This season my goalkeeper has conceded as much in as much in 13 games as he did in 24 games last year. I usually take a rather simplistic approach to my tactical instructions, and I mostly focus on player roles. I've put on 'play narrower' in an attempt to concede less, but it hasn't been particularly effective. Here's my current set-up: And here's the attributes of my players: Right back, Lamine Gassama Centre back, Filippo Romagna Centre back, Loick Landre Left back, Rogerio BWM, Alberto Grassi BWM, Mamadou Igiebor IF, Anastasios Donis AP, Oceano Bochet Winger, Mamadou Traore Target man, Alberto Cerri Subs: Marco Crimi Kermit Erasmus Davide Petrucci Stipe Perica Thomas Vasseur Ahmed Zaoui Not too much planning went into this, i'll be honest. It's not my preferred tactic, Ideally i'd be playing either a 4-4-2/4-2-4 or a 4-3-3, but i've tried making room for some of my extremely talented academy players. The general idea was to have a more direct playstyle, with Cerri the target man playing with his back to goal which hopefully enabled Donis, Traore and Bochet. For the most part it's worked, although Bochet hasn't been as effective as i'd hoped. The main issue lies in my defence. I'm assuming the issue is that I have too many attacking players on the pitch. The question is, how do I fit my academy players into the team in any other formation?
  6. Alberto Cerri. He's a Juventus youth player. He has great stats for a young target man, and is a great acqusition for mid table teams. His mental stats are solid, but he'd be an amazing player if his mental attributes (anticipation, bravery, work rate, teamwork, off the ball, etc) went up with 2-3 points each. His PA is pretty good, between 140-170, so hopefully that comes to fruition. Even his tackling and positioning is at 9. Unfortunately Juventus seem to be unwilling to sell him for a reasonable price. He tends to be loanable though.
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