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  1. I haven't bought a new copy of Football Manager since 2013, because I don't feel that the changes are sufficient for me to make an upgrade. However, the one thing that would make me by a new FM game is introducing movements to each nation's youth rating and game importance over the course of a save. This would make the game much more realistic as countries can develop or worsen over time, rather than the current FM result of the same countries producing the best regens constantly. However having the ability to technically transform any country in the game to have the ability to produce world class youth players and dominate on the world stage would be a huge bonus to the game in my opinion. Of course it would be a slow process, it would be unrealistic for this to transform rapidly. But say over a period of 10, 15, 20 years, if clubs from a certain country started to improve on the continental stage and upgrade their facilities, and the national team improved too, it would make sense for the country's youth rating and game importance to increase. As well as this, some countries would get worse over time, which reflects real life with nations such as Hungary who were once powerhouses but now minnows. The global football landscape is always changing and I feel FM needs to go to some length to integrate this into the game.
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