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  1. Type: Desktop Model: Custom CPU Model: Ryzen 7 5800x CPU Base Frequency: 3.8 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.7 GHz RAM: 16GB RAM Clockspeed: 4000Mhz GPU: AMD RX 580 - 4GB Graphics Level in 3D: High Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 01 min 24 Sec Benchmark B: 06 min 06 Sec Benchmark C: 08 min 00 Sec Benchmark D: 16 min 56 Sec
  2. I was browsing through the XML and found something interesting. In the comp UI file, there is a line which says: "THESE OTHER MEDIA INTERVIEW TYPES ARE ADDED IN THE DB BUT COMMENTED OUT UNTIL WE ARE READY TO USE THEM IN THE GAME". What follows is commented out code for Tunnel Interview Pre-Match, Halftime, Post-Match, as well as pitch side interviews. Looks like we have some new interview types to look forward to when they are ready to release.
  3. Thanks for that. I had already done that before my first post but I appreciate the offer.
  4. I will be starting from scratch. It is a large undertaking, I just hope it is actually possible in the editor.
  5. I am currently adding in additional cities. Once I have finished I am planning to overlay this map on a zoom-able globe. At that point I will also attempt to make a better zoom in 2D map. Unfortunately, I will only be able to make major cities bigger as I plan on having many many cities which would require too much space at a larger font size.
  6. I completely understand your point. I know many people will not enjoy this as much as a traditional save. I am making this project to give a completely clean slate to work with. The goal is to create a unique world with a footballing culture very different to our current system, involving league systems with rules quite different to tradition. I figured if I am making it for myself anyways I might as well upload it and build a story around it as well, with the hope that a few people will enjoy it.
  7. Research Update (July 4): Out cartographers have managed to map out more of the water features of this mysterious planet. Using advanced technology we have also been able to plot the location of several major foreign cities, in addition to the known location of our own three major settlements. Below is an update map showing off these new discoveries. Expect more locations as they become known!
  8. While flying on a recent mission, astronauts discovered a planet inhabited by human like creatures. After finding this planet current governments decided to attempt colonization of this planet. Attempts to colonize were met with extreme hostility. After days of conflict a severe storm passed through, enforcing an environmental ceasefire. Upon conclusion of this storm scientists and psychologist were successful in communicating with these creatures using symbolic images. At the present time there is an uneasy peace in place. This peace should be stable as long as we stick to our permitted zones
  9. I am wondering if anyone wan explain the difference between wet, and the other options such as drizzle, shower and downpour in the weather section of the editor. Thanks for any help.
  10. Has anyone figured out how to replicate the 5 from 7 PPG used in Step 4 to 3. I would be happy to have a go at it if someone has the divisions set up already, as I am not overly familiar with the teams. Hopefully it is possible.
  11. I would say so, that level will take some thinking to work out properly.
  12. Based off of the FA handbook it appears that this is how it is being done anyway. The higher PPG decides home field advantage, rather than placing you straight through as AhMostyn suggested.
  13. I am wondering how you can set up a system which qualifies into a continental system. Specifically, I would like the qualification rules to display in the Continental Qualification section of the rules in game, rather than simply draw from the competitions. Basically, I would like to know how to make table positions turn blue as the default spots do. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  14. No problem, it is a fun project to help out with. It also worked out well time zone wise with me being from Canada. Off to bed now before waking up to catch the game at 8 my time tomorrow morning.
  15. I have run through three seasons of my fix as well and it does appear to work. Hopefully the file with all League Cups will be released tomorrow. Dan has made another amazing file and we should all be grateful!
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