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  1. There are a few suggestions I would have for this year. I think that social media hasnt been in some way incorporated into the game is a shame. The modern game is full of players posting cyptic tweets, idiotic tweets, rants and other stuff online. It should be reflected in the game also and linked with the players in game personality perhaps? I think the fans are fairly basic in the game. Fans are happy when you win, unhappy if you get hammered and thats pretty much it. There should be fan protests, forums where fans post and your secretary makes you aware of and maybe in the sounds the fans booing when a disliked player gets on the ball and other things. Stadiums need a big boost in terms of atmosphere I think. Every single match in every stadium of a certain size has the same level of cheering. Stadiums that are renowned for their atmosphere and noise should be felt through the game. Playing against atletico and the noise being deafening for example would be a nice touch. Player personalities should have far more of an effect on players at the club, fans and the dressing room. In games you can sign barton, balotelli etc etc and I dont think there is any noticeable effect in game. Just a few suggestions
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