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  1. Hello, I dont know if my suggestion for the next FM was already done, but this is: I would like that you add the possibility of negociate the sponsors, and diferent types of sponsors, for the fabric of the t-shirts (Adidas, Nike, Puma...), the principal sponsor (Fly Emirates, Vodafone, Mercedes...) and sponsors for Stadiums (Microsoft, Qatar...). If you cant do this by the cost of use real sponsors, you could use your own brands (Sports Interactive...) and the rest of the work will be make by our great community of modders And ofcourse, you could receive better sponsors offers in the pre-seasson if you made well your work las seasson. I know it's difficult to read my suggestion to all that there is already written, but if you arrive to read, please try to add this more economic partly to the game, at least as an option, because the players we like management games we love. Thank you so much!
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