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  1. Ok, four matches, four wins! Things are going excellently: The match vs Manchester United is a highlight to go into detail: This what I mean when I wanted to build a compact tactic. Check the number of interceptions my two strikers made compared to Manchester United ST, AMR and AML: Lavezzi and Cavani made 7 interceptions together, vs 0 of Van Persie, Nani and Kagawa. This is the kind of committment I get from my Very Fluid philosophy.
  2. "Play Narrower" actually instruct your players to narrow the field and focus passing through the middle. I don´t like at all the part of "focus passing through the middle" but since I play direct, counter attacking style of football, it does make sense to pass the ball directly to my two central strikers in order to exploit their strenghts.
  3. At the moment the only tweaks I am doing from match to match is in Oposition Instructions: I encourage oposition wide players to play on their "outside" foot and I tight mark AMC if the other team have someone playing in that position. Nothing else. My bet is: no matter the oposition quality, odds, etc., I want to sit deep, narrow and compact between the lines and be deadly on the counter. The risk could be a lot of 0-0 draws if smaller reputation teams decide to play defensive against me as well. But I will be happy if I win most of matches 1-0. So I will be posting my fixtures after playing 10-12 further matches to share the results.
  4. It is really nice to see that my team is playing exactly as I wanted: I never win possession, my side is happy to give to ball to the opposition. When defending, the effects of the Very Fluid philosophy are really clear: my two strikers reatreat very close to the midfield line, therefore my whole squad contributes in the defensive aspect. But on the other hand I almost always win in the clear cut chances created, so it becomes clear that having high amount of possession levels isn´t necessary to win or create chances.
  5. I arranged several friendlies because my new tactic is incredible unfamiliar to my players, and I wanted that issue solved for the start of the league. I didn´t care the results, only to gain confidence from my players with the new tactic. So I turned Match Practice to the maximum and to practice only "TACTICS". After the preseason my levels of familiarity wasn´t ideal but constantly improving. So after a couple of matches, the results look promising:
  6. Playing with such a system of course need players that can fit properly. Therefore, I had to go into the transfer market and sign a couple of vital players. I only had one central defender who has the attributes to play in a deep, solid defense (Alex), but I needed another tall, strong defender. As my defense will sit deep, it is absolutely necessary to have two central defenders who can win aerial challenges. So I brought Ryan Shawcross, perfect for that purpose. Another issue was that I had not have a defensive player to put in my central midfield. Ideally I looked for a player with good marking, team work, stamina, concentration and strenght. Luckily I found that Manchester City was looking to sell Javi Garcia, who has the attributes that I was looking for. My other central midfielder was the tireless Matuidi, so now I have a very aggresive and hard working duo with Javi Garcia-Matuidi. I was lacking a proper winger to play on the left and I was able to sign Fabio Coentrao for a decent fee. I sold some players that I considered they will not fit into my system, and a further problem is that I need to retrain Thiago Silva to play as a Limited fullback, since he is not the type of defender to play as a DC in my squad (too small and not strong enough).
  7. Although almost world class sides have been playing with 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 formations for the last (at least) 5 years -see semifinalists in the last 5-6 Champions League editions, semifinalists of the 2010 World Cup, 2012 Euro Cup, etc.- I wanted to start a new game and play a classic flat 4-4-2 tactic. You may argue that Atletico Madrid are succeeding currently with Simeone´s 4-4-2/4-4-1-1, and you would be right, but is the odd case. Why 4-4-2? Simple: I want to play with 2 pure strikers, two central out and out forwards. And that is becasue I want to give my attack the two most important weapons together and at the same time: speed and strenght. So the first thing in my mind is to play a tall TARGET MAN and a fast ADVANCED FORWARD. I want to play this way in order to avoid being one-dimensional in attack: I the opposition plays deep, I will have a powerfull striker to play direct balls and crosses into the box. If the opposition push forward and play high up the pitch, I will punish them on the counter with a pacey advanced forward breaking behind the defence. Since 4-4-2 is not the ideal formation to dominate matches, possession, etc. I decided to build a defensive, compact and counter attacking team. So, with all these in mind, I picked up PSG in the french league. Ok, PSG is a top class side, with many world class players and a huge transfer budget at my disposal; but my aim is not to pick a relegation battler and make miracles. Instead, I want to build a solid, well working tactic and try to get the better of my idea. After some tinkering, thay way to go in order to have a very compact, solid 4-4-2 is playing a Very Fluid philosophy. I know there is a lot of confusion about this aspect of tactics, but my decision was based purely on the description of the tactics creator: with a very fluid philosohpy, my team will act as a UNIT, and, as I want to be defensive and counter attacking, I want all my players to defend when is necessary. So very fluid makes a lot of sense. The opposite will be a rigid system in which defenders defend and strikers attack: I don´t want that approach of course (imagine a defensive side where 2 strikers just stand and do nothing when my team have not the ball....). Then I went for: 4-4-2 formation, very fluid philosophy and the following instructions in order to play the way I want: -COUNTER ATTACKING MENTALITY -MORE DIRECT PASSING -PLAY NARROWER -DROP DEEPER -STAY ON FEET -BE MORE DISCIPLINED
  8. That when watching the match highlights. I mean when watching specific replay from the analysis tab during a match (for example when you click on a "scoring chance", etc.)
  9. I may be a bit stupid but in this version of FM2014 I can´t find a way to pause the highlight when I want to watch a replay of a chance created, cross attempted or pass completed (the kind of stuff you are able to watch from the analysis tab during a match). A I missing something?
  10. A good guide about this aspect of the game would be great. I think it has a massive importance during the match and can make the difference between succesfully nullyfing the opposition or not. I pay a lot of attention to oposition instructions when I setup my tactics each game. Usually I follow a couple of "rules": I tight mark always any creative players, unless they clearly outpace my markers. Show onto foot: on wide players, I show onto their "outside" if the opposition lack players with height and strenght in the advanced positions. On the contrary, I show them onto their "inside" if the opposition have strikers with pace and acceleration who can chase through balls from the wide men. Closing Down: I only use it if I want to play an aggresive style of play. If I use the shout "Stand Off" I dont close down any of the opposition players. If I do, I usually close down players with low composure, decisions or concentration. Things I am not sure about are: Should I close down OR tight mark oposition players who performs in positions where I dont have a direct opponent? I.e: Oposition AMC if I dont play any DMC. In an oposition striker partnership: Which player is best to tight mark? The creative? the tall and strong? The best finisher?
  11. Against teams with a clear advantage in the centre of the pitch I don´t find logical to close them down aggresively or play a high defensive line. You will have 2 or 3 players in the centre of the pitch (if you play a 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1) against 5 (2 CMs and 3 AMCs) so there is no possible way to close down 5 players with only 2 or 3. What will happen in that scenario is that (as your own midfielders will be outnumbered) a central defender will step out of the defense in order to try to close down the oposition midfielders, leaving huge gaps in the defense for runners.
  12. Maybe there is something wrong with your setup, I mean, which duties and roles do you asign to your players? Could you post your tactics screen to see if there are any issues with this? It could be the case that you use the proper "Team" shouts, but your roles and duties are not balanced or something.
  13. It depends entirely on your formation and type of players to decide what kind of strategy suits. The clear weakness of the narrow 4-2-3-1 is the flanks, so the first thing you should do is try to exploit the flanks (if you have the right players to do so...) or try to play with offensive wingbacks, as they wouldn´t have any direct opponent due to the narrowness of the opposition. Also you can exploit the space between de midfield and defence, as they use no DMC. On the defensive aspect, I would try to play deep and compact, as you have an obvious disadvantage in the centre of the pitch, therefore closing down aggresively with such disadvantage would be ineffectual. Instead, standing off opponents and avoiding to commit into tackles should work. It also depends on the type of striker the oposition have: if he is tall and strong, playing deep may not be a good idea. But if he is small and quick, the best strategy is to play on the counter, standing off and launching quick attacks down the flanks. So I would (broadly speaking) use the following instructions: Strategy: Counter (if you play away from home) or Standard (if you play at home). More direct passing Stand off opponents Stay on feet Be more disciplined Exploit the flanks
  14. Right, thanks. By the way, I agree with you: it´s not that "intuitive"
  15. A very simple question: Where are the explanations of the "Roles" in the Tactics screen? Because when I select a player all I can do is just select the different roles for each position, but there isnt any description when I click the drop down menu of "Role". Strange...
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