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  1. The pressing is greatly improved in FM19, so it should be easier to replicate it. Tbh, I found the FM17 version easier to replicate than FM18 for some reason. I like @herne79s version on this page, if you get the desired results from both player roles and the setup it shouldn't matter much how you set it up in terms of roles. The only thing that stands out for me is the playing out from the back, which is crucial to Sarri. So I would put one or both CDs on BPD and make sure they link up with the DM and the wingbacks. Like Herne I don't watch many Chelsea games, but against United they really didn't look like the Napoli version of Sarriball. I also watched against Liverpool and it really lacks the pounding attack play of Napoli. I guess this is due to Sarri using a weird constellation in midfield, with Kanté in the Hamsik role (wtf?).
  2. Greetings Zbladzg, I am fluent in Game of Thrones-Croatian, I might try to translate your feedback.
  3. Which style are you using? If pressing, that is a natural consequence of your style.
  4. If history has taught us anything it is that super tactics will always be there. There will always be a way. A completely different issue is why people use them… I'm not one to judge though.
  5. Nice to see the game getting good reviews, but isn't that the case with every release?
  6. Nicely written! I agree with just about everything, although giving it 9/10 is, imho, too high. I do however think this could be the best of series so far.
  7. Greetings Smurf, I bought the Acer Nitro 5 with the following specs: Intel Core i7 (8. generasjon) 8750H / 2.2 GHz 6 cores - 4.1 GHz 16GB RAM 512GB SSD NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 SDRAM I didn't buy it for FM purposes, but I assume this will run a lot of leagues in good quality?
  8. Technically not him that's useless, I'm sure his CA is up there among the best, it's the style of football not being translatable to the FM match engine.
  9. Factors to consider when saying the game is too easy: Selectable team shape is finally gone, no room for error anymore in creating tactics that clearly is ruined by wrong shape. For the first time in the series lifespan pressing now actually works. Forwards on support duty chase the ball, AMs also. It's easier to set up pressing tactics - which is a very good thing - DON'T CHANGE IT! The new tactic templates holds the hand of new players and tells them why a system works and why it doesn't. It makes it easier to get started for new players to the franchise - GOOD. If anything, buying top class players is too easy in FM. As long as your reputation and wallet allows it, you can buy just about anyone. This is not a good thing.
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