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  1. I love the RMD role and Mkhitaryan will suit it very well (in the game), but it is very dependent on the system as a whole. You need roles up front that will create the space for the RMD and I'm not really sure that's what you're going for with this tactic you have in mind. Basically, if set up right the RMD will be a goal scoring winger, that'll also provide a lot of assists. Having Auba threatening that very space the RMD would want, it might be difficult to accomplish.
  2. In terms of inspirational replicas this one is also excellent, from @fmFutbolManager. These two threads are my favorites in this category. Too bad we never saw a follow up for FM18.... Hint hint.
  3. I will take that as I hope it was meant to be; sarcastic. Sorry OP, for the derail. Do keep us posted on the results of this one. I am looking for something inspirational to keep me interested in FM.
  4. Hang on, I'll have a search. Here you go:
  5. I had a Brazilian winger coming in at Schalke with 15 in 'Determination', it plummeted to 12 after a few months. When I looked at his training feedback it said something like "due to influence from other players his determination etc". I had at the time a lot "ambitious" personalities with average determination. This is not exactly the same as your hidden attribute drop, but can be caused by something similar.
  6. What is your ideal league?

    Argentine Primera.
  7. One of my fave replica threads here was a Roger Schmidt (Neverkusen) 4-4-2. It doesn't always to be glorious, winningest sides.
  8. He will dive into a tackle when the opportunity is there, it won't make him press more. If his tackling is low it'll likely get him sent off a few times as well.
  9. It came apart during the last half of the second season, but look at his record against Top 6 teams during his tenure. Unreal performance with that squad.
  10. One of the great internet myths of this decade is that Louis did a horrible job with Man Utd. He in fact over-performed with an insanely balanced team. On top of that, Ed Woodward went and bought di Maria.
  11. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    I prefer them to be right footed on the right side and vice versa, but never really had any substantial proof to back that up. The one thing that will happen a fair bit is that the RMD will have to do first time shots from relatively acute angles, then it's a big advantage to get it on the proper foot. Either a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-1-2-3 will rely heavily on the setup of your midfield trio. For me, over time, McKennie has developed into a beast of midfielder, but not an attack kind of midfielder. He can play as DM and CM, both he will do well if given roles that fits his physical and mental stats. As a Segundo Volante he will get some tap ins and dangerous runs, but by far best as a DM(s). The negatives by using a 4-2-3-1 is the fact that the AM(s) (Meyer/Harit) will get lackluster ratings. They will get the odd assist/goal, but not very involved and are basically just there to create space for others. The other factor is that the two players in the CM strata can be overrun, yes. For me the better formation is the 4-2-3-1 DM Wide. I will make a post on how this tactic has evolved slightly, since we've been using it for almost 3 years and the opposition are plugging some leaks in their system.
  12. Looks cool, I will follow this. I love Mkh and it was very fascinating to see him score 9.9 on whoscored after that game.
  13. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    Yeah, not bad at all. The thing though, that really annoys me, is the AI squad building/transfer policy. It becomes very transparent when a club like Bayern does this: End of season 1 they buy Sabitzer, Inaki Williams, Danilo (City), Kevin Volland, Emre Can, Schürrle, Rashica plus two youth players for a combined 218 million. One season later Sabitzer, Volland, Schürrle and Danilo are transfer listed. Then they buy Bellarabi for 35 million, next season he's transfer listed for 10.750.000. It's just insane, no club behaves like this IRL.
  14. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    I see in other threads that guys posts seasonal reviews. Season 3 key highlights: Retained the league, but lost the second round match vs Arsenal in the CL 3-2 on aggregate. So my goals for the season are only halfway completed. Bayern improved a lot and it went down to the wire, I lost two away matches in a row and eventually won the league by 1 point. Rüdiger left in January as Man City triggered his BO clause of €54 million. Sold a youth player to a random team in January and Bentaleb started complaining. He was about to cause huge problems, so I shipped him to the second team and eventually sold him to Chelsea for a discount 30 mill. Florentin Coman is becoming a star striker, valued at €59 million, his BO clause is €111m. I can add that the club will get a new sponsorship deal end of season 3. This amounted to €86 million lump sum payment, the overall balance is now €315m and transfer budget €140m. The only problem I am having on the pitch is the goalies. It has become obvious over two CL campaigns that Fährmann is not good enough, too many costly mistakes. Nübel is a great talent, but he also makes too many mistakes in big matches. So priority number is a new GK and a few wingbacks.
  15. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    This post will detail the role of the raumdeuter in this team, our deadliest attacking weapon and key creator. If setup right, he will unlock even the sturdiest defenses and often find the necessary space to either score himself or put in a cross through the area. If setup wrong, he'll be pretty useless. In my setup I think we can safely say the RMD will be among the goals all the time. We just need to make sure we have a steady supply of players constantly on the shortlist. I made a huge mistake in not securing a future fee for Goncalo Guedes last season, I had to settle for another Guedes and hope he was up to the task. I do already have a true RMD in the ranks already, in Guido Burgstaller. Many Schalke FM'ers will probably offload him at the earliest opportunity, especially if you don't play with a RMD, but just have a look at his profile for a sec: His role familiarity is natural as a RMD and he has all the mental attributes to go with it, except for decisions. I have learned over these two and a half seasons that the key attributes you should be looking for are: Off the ball Anticipation Finishing Any good attributes in addition to this is just gravy IMO. The icing on the cake are the PPMs. Burgstaller is able to perform above expectations partly because he explores the half space (see the circle in the pic), or halbraum as they say in Germany. The Germans love the half space and the raumdeuter will often drift into these spaces as he attempts to get on to balls hoisted in behind the defense. Goncalo Guedes is lightning quick and has tremendous work rate, so he was a real threat all season long. Let's see how his replacement and namesake Roger is faring: There are areas he can improve, especially in the mental department. So from day 1 he has been on a heavy regime, but he doesn't seem to mind - which will of course help him in the end. In the German league system you'll find a lot of players capable of playing as a RMD as well. I tried to sign Marcel Sabitzer, who was transfer listed at Bayern, but his wage demands were out of reach so we went for Roger Guedes instead. Other, cheaper players include Marcel Risse, Daniel Caligiuri, Lars Stindl, Patrick Herrmann, André Hahn, Nico Müller and Steven Skrzybski to name a few. Kevin Volland will probably be very good there, but he's expensive and left footed.