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  1. Don’t forget that every one staff member owns his individual attribute rating (given by researchers) that correspond with the Current ability. (I don’t want use mass edit and move my game into fantasy hockey realm). More important issues? Motivating stat affect training efficiency, prospects development, players knowledge of tactic, etc… “In regard to training, a coach with high motivation will influence the players work rate and affect their determination to play better, train harder and do better. The players will take training and matches more seriously and not slack off.” - In my opinion, it’s making game unplayable. Anyway, thank you for your advice.
  2. For 5000 staff in my database? Every time when I start new game? Besides, we don’t know if motivating stat working properly in game mechanics. Such a ridiculous bug like this is the responsibility of SI. I paid for it.
  3. Someone is working on this issue? Are you planning on releasing a hot fix for it?
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