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    Dabble in football coaching in the real world from time to time.

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  1. Suspect Jamall Lacelles will be upgraded at Newcastle based on last season. Perhaps a few more given Rafa made most of them look better than the actually are........ (looking at you Mo Diame)
  2. If you were managing in real life and somebody told you to play 4-3-3 because it would create more triangular passing options and you did. Would you feel like you cheated when your team kept the ball more ? All about perspective i suppose.
  3. Seen this and it got me interested in going with my own tactics again in the next version. I think my own disillusionment with the tactics is their detachment from real life. Implementing a real life style of play is something i am comfortable with (when coaching) , doing the same in FM is where i struggle. That lack of connection is a drawback for me. Could be a an issue confined to me however.
  4. In every edition of FM i have always tried to create my own tactics from the ground up. I believed it would bring more enjoyment in the long run and found it very interesting. However i am now into season 5 of a Newcastle save and have tried to evolve my tactic to press higher and retain possession at a reasonable tempo. I tried to use as little of the team instructions as possible apart from the obvious (play out of defence, push higher, close down more etc) but still find myself having to manage games (Which is fine, part of real life management) By manage games i mean, change the shape, adjust some of the roles etc. Then i downloaded someone else's "Guardiola" tactic. Formation , roles and mentality are the same. Shape is structured rather than flexible but every team instruction is clicked. Lower tempo,Play out of defence, Exploit the middle, Work ball into box,be more disciplined, roam from positions, retain possession, tighter marking. I was able to leave this tactic in place for every game and won 99% of them It's now made me question if i should bother with creating my own tactic if i have to manage each game when a downloadable tactic can be left run and wins almost every game.
  5. League of Ireland should be a breeze with Dundalk tbh. Budget and facilities are better. Fully pro set-up whilst most other teams are part-time. Europe is a really tough nut to crack for an irish side however.
  6. Sarri at Napoli is the closest. Might not have reached there yet with Chelsea.
  7. If they are anyway decent i would play them in games against weaker sides. It will boost their overall rating which will make them much more attractive to other clubs. You do have to know when they are on the downward slide however.
  8. I agree. Same problem with my Newcastle save. 2nd in Prem, League cup winners, Champions cup semi-finalist. Every other measurement is gone up but club stature is gone down. Everything upgraded when it comes to facilities etc. Cannot figure it out.
  9. I am in Season 2020/21 with Newcastle and Man Utd are doing similar things but not to the same level. They seem to play "weakend" teams in the cups but the same players in the league. It's not stopping them winning every match though. Hopefully it changes
  10. You could have him tutored by a player with a higher standing in the squad. If the tutor is a "Key Player" and the tutee (is that a word ?) is "First Team" you'll be ok. Remember that the tutor must be competent in the same position as the tutee (There's that word again)
  11. Is it realistic to lead Southampton to win the Premier League? More broadly, any other examples in other countries. leicester city. Did you mean a real life example or in FM ?
  12. When my scout provides his report on the opposition it doesn't provide their mentality or shape. Yet when i ask for a team report on the same opposition it provides this information. Does anyone know if i can change the scouting options so both mentality and shape are included ? Having to go to the opposition and order a team report is quite the chore.
  13. You created one clear cut chance. Didn't score. They created one clear cut chance. Scored. Cruel
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