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    Veteran procrastinator who falls in and out of love with FM.

    Dabble in football coaching in the real world from time to time.

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  1. You could have him tutored by a player with a higher standing in the squad. If the tutor is a "Key Player" and the tutee (is that a word ?) is "First Team" you'll be ok. Remember that the tutor must be competent in the same position as the tutee (There's that word again)
  2. Is it realistic to lead Southampton to win the Premier League? More broadly, any other examples in other countries. leicester city. Did you mean a real life example or in FM ?
  3. When my scout provides his report on the opposition it doesn't provide their mentality or shape. Yet when i ask for a team report on the same opposition it provides this information. Does anyone know if i can change the scouting options so both mentality and shape are included ? Having to go to the opposition and order a team report is quite the chore.
  4. hoppo1982

    How did I lose this game

    You created one clear cut chance. Didn't score. They created one clear cut chance. Scored. Cruel
  5. hoppo1982

    The problem with Saido

    Thank you for taking the time to reply in such detail. Much appreciated. Can understand where you are coming from in terms of assessing poor Saido.
  6. hoppo1982

    The problem with Saido

    Cheers for the info. Twice i've been done over by the little ****
  7. hoppo1982

    The problem with Saido

    Can someone move the original post to research. I will have a look at his hidden attributes later. Only one i can remember was his professionalism was 7
  8. Grab a chair there and lets talk about Saido. Saido has 48 career goals. A grand total of 0 scored at this current club. Yet in FM 2018 he quite overblown. Finishing 16 ? LOL. CA of 145 and PA of 165. He just tore my Newcastle side apart in a current save. Can we nerf this guy ?
  9. Excellent advice. To bring it back to the real life vs fm discussion you can do this when watching a match on TV. Pause the game and have a look at the players positions in and out of possession (forget transitions for now) In possession are his team mates in close proximity to offer support or are they moving into space looking to stretch the play etc etc IMHO the Lines and Diamonds guide (someone might have a link) is the best FM guide i have read. In fact i would go so far as to say it's better than a lot of football coaching books i have come across.
  10. I think i clarified what i meant about real football vs FM. By all means educate yourself on football and it will translate to FM. However.........the two don't run side by side. There are things in real life football that FM tries to implement but just doesn't get right.
  11. hoppo1982

    Direct Passing

    I mix and match. If i feel the game needs width i will use wingers and try to slip the ball in behind the fullbacks. Alternatively if the space is centrally i might change one of the wingers to an IF
  12. My point is the more you understand about the game the more you can believe that FM can replicate it EXACTLY. By all means educate yourself about football but do it on the understanding that when/if you want to translate those idea's into FM it will have it's limitations. This isn't SI's fault or Sega or anyone. It's the best interpretation of a very complicated sport that they can produce. That should be the first thing you remember when your frustrations hit maximum
  13. I coach at elite level and am currently studying for a UEFA A licence. I have issues with the tactical module...but I understand FM is what it is. It would be a huge (impossible ?) task to translate the myriad of football intricacies into a game.
  14. Here's a tip. Don't look to real football for tips on FM. The more you understand how actual football works the more you will realise that FM is detached from that quite significantly. By all means read Cleon's threads and watch Rashidi's videos. They are both excellent. Don't however forget that you are playing a game and every game has mechanics which remove it from the real world. FM is exactly that.
  15. Yes it is. I never said the lack of an alternative was a huge issue due to the pressure it would put on SI to adapt and change FM. It's an issue because those who want this type of game and don't like SI's interpretation are left with very little alternative. You've taken my comment , run with the context and gone down completely the wrong avenue.