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  1. FK Smederevo Season 2020/21 Report Another season complete, our goals were to challenge at the top of the league. Cup- A terrible performance in our first game meant we lost to lower league Sumadija in the 2nd qual round. League- We had a bright start but slowly faded away and never really regained our form, ending up in 7th after the preliminary stage and slipping down to 8th to finish, missing the playoffs. Slightly worse than last season which is a bit worrying but hopefully as the youth comes through we can improve. Best Players- Top goalscorer: Stefan Stojanovic (13 goals) This guy played a bit less this season and is definitely on the decline but still our best striker. A very low total for top goalscorer. Most assists: Goran Lepojevic (13 assists) one of our best this season as he managed to equal his assist total last year. Highest average rating: Lazar Pavic (7.09) our centre mid is one of the best at the club and had a good season, although the best average rating has fallen significantly from last year. Most POM: Lepojevic (4) MVP: Lepojevic Best U23 player: Nikola Petkovic- Our 23 year old left winger did pretty well this season grabbing 7 goals and 9 assists. The only improvement I have managed this season is starting another coaching course. Patience is the key here, this challenge is a marathon not a sprint so we just need to wait for some talented youngsters to come through. Next season I don't really rate our chances but as long as we challenge for the playoffs that would be good. ResultsResults 2 (no) Transfers Season | League | Pos. | Cup | Europe | Top scorer | Top assists | Highest avg rating | Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2019/20 First League 6th 1st Round - Stojanovic(24) Lepojevic(13) Lepojevic(7.26) Lost in playoffs 2020/21 First League 8th 2nd Qual Round - Stojanovic(13) Lepojevic(13) Pavic(7.09) -
  2. Youth intake time again at Smederevo but I am extremely disappointed Here's our new youngsters: pretty underwhelming, no one looks genuinely good and any decent players are in positions we already had a bit of depth in Pavicevic seems to be the best but I still don't feel optimistic about him: I think a change in head of youth development is in order for next year! unfortunately there is no chance we can improve our facilities as our finances are awful.
  3. This guy just asked for a Player/Head of Youth Development contract. I think i'm good thanks mate...
  4. FK Smederevo Season 2019/20 Report When I joined the club the squad was somewhat talented but extremely lacking in depth, having only one natural centre back for example. We were predicted to be relegated but I promised the board a top-half finish since we were able to hold on to all of our talented players. Here is how we went: Cup- We managed to scrape past Radnicki on penalties after a terrible performance and beat Sloga to take us to the first round where we were knocked out by Super League side Proleter 2-1 in an admirable performance. Pretty much what was expected in the cup, can't complain. League- We started out a little shaky but things gradually got better and despite a few rough patches (we really struggled away from home) we managed to inhabit the top 5 for most of the season before a couple losses at the end sent us down into 6th. Serbia's league does not end there however as it splits into 2 groups, we went into the promotion group where 2 automatic promotion spots are available and 4 playoff spots. We won our first game and looked like we were a chance of grabbing the second spot but we went on a horrible run of form that saw us take only 2 points from our last 5 games, meaning we scraped the 6th position and an entry into the playoffs. We faced 3rd placed team Bezanija away and unfortunately we couldn't snap out of our bad form and lost 3-1. A disappointing end but still we definitely overachieved in the league this year and it is a good platform to build on. Best Players- Top goalscorer: Stefan Stojanovic (24 goals) We almost lost this guy to a bigger club before the season started but luckily we held on and he was one of our best all season. Most assists: Goran Lepojevic (13 assists) I was lucky enough to have a natural right midfielder already at the club who fit perfectly into my 4-4-2 tactic and he did really well. Highest average rating: Lepojevic (7.26) Most POM: Stojanovic and Aleksandar Dabic (6) Good to see a defender in Dabic get in the end of season awards MVP: Stojanovic Best young (under 23) player: Veljko Jovkovic - although he has no idea how to play false 9 the 21 year old striker did pretty well bagging 15 goals. In other news I managed to complete my first 2 coaching badges but haven't even thought about any other improvements as our finances are pure trash. The goal for next season is basically to be up around the top of the league again and develop some of our talented youth players. Results Results 2 (no) Transfers Season | League | Pos. | Cup | Europe | Top scorer | Top assists | Highest avg rating | Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2019/20 First League 6th 1st Round - Stojanovic(24) Lepojevic(13) Lepojevic(7.26) Lost in playoffs
  5. It's intake time at Smederevo! Somewhat disappointing actually. Good to get some depth and I signed up about 9 of them but most are pretty average. The best player seems to be Maslarevic but he is pretty raw and hopefully will have a little while to develop before he gets any first team minutes. Here's his attributes: The other decent looking player is Blazic who is the most likely of this bunch to get any game time in the first team this season. here he is: Anyways the team is going well and I'll update at the end of the season, probably later today!
  6. Due to only having 11 players at the club and not being able to play anyone under the age of 17 I gave up on Slovenia and I am starting again with FK Smederevo, fallen giants of Serbia. This team was once a top flight side that finished as high as 3rd, won the cup and played in Europe between about 2001-06. I will try to restore them to their former glory! Manager profile
  7. As it turns out the Slovenian league does not allow players under the age of 17 to play which could be a problem...
  8. I have decided to give this challenge a go this year and I will be attempting with NK Bled from Slovenia (reset date is June 30th by the way). Looks to be a massive task ahead and if we manage to stay up I will be happy! Manager profile
  9. I'm thinking of actually giving the Youth Challenge a go this year just to do something different. I may return to this challenge depending on how that goes though!
  10. @vikeologist are you doing the challenge at the moment? or going to attempt on FM19?
  11. @Crowy yeah getting the badges was super helpful, and my new club have agreed to let me do another one straight away. Manager stats are still not very impressive but i've got a few 7s and 8s going. Hope your season in Chile is going well!
  12. I have moved clubs to Loko Zagreb in Croatia, a club challenging for Europa League football. I thought this was an opportunity to move to a better league and improve my reputation further.
  13. Fortaleza 2019 Season Report First season of the challenge is complete! I took over right after the 2018 season finished so I had to wait the entire offseason before even playing a game but I think I have made a pretty decent start. This team was predicted to finish 12th in the league and had a strange squad with a decent amount of talented youngsters so I was reasonably optimistic. League- Colombia has one of those Opening + Closing stage style leagues with playoffs for each as well as an overall table for some reason. We had a pretty rough start but slowly improved and managed a 6th place finish in the opening stage meaning we made the playoffs where we actually scraped a 2-1 aggregate win over Real Cartagena before being knocked out 2-1 on aggregate by Cortulua. The closing stage saw us go even better and finish 2nd, just ahead of a couple others on goal difference. We did somewhat choke in the playoffs though, losing 4-3 on aggregate to Deportivo Pereira in the quarters. Copa Colombia- We easily won our group containing Real Santander, Llaneros and Orsomarso all from our division before drawing Atletico National in the second round, one of the best teams in the country. We performed admirably with a 0-0 draw at home and a 1-1 draw away, which I thought might mean a win for us but unfortunately away goals aren't a thing here. We lost the ensuing penalty shootout as I had guys with pen taking attributes of about 6 taking my attempts. Best Players: Top goalscorer- Sebastian Acosta (17) Pretty embarrassing for the strikers that our left midfielder managed to top the scoring charts. 2 of the main strikers are on massive goalless streaks and I will definitely try to improve that area next year. Most assists + Highest avg. rating- Hamilton Valencia (7, 7.03) The right midfielder was one of our better players this season, although that is a pretty low total to top the assists chart. Most POM- Acosta, Camilo Blanco and Santiago Garcia (4) another low total but always good to see a defender (Blanco) get into the end of season awards. Transfers Results Results 2 The good news is I have managed to complete my first 3 coaching badges and increase my reputation up to 25% which is really good progress for my first season. I have also taken charge of Argentina under 23s as they seek to qualify and compete in the Olympics next year which could be a reputation booster as well as giving me some knowledge of the country. Season Team Position Champs League Top Goalcorer Highest avg rating Notes and Achievements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 Fortaleza 6th + 2nd - Acosta (17) Valencia (7.03) National A,B,C licenses complete Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues () 0/10 domestic cups () 0/1 club world championship () International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
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    [North America] Data Issues

    The correct demonym for someone from Bermuda is 'Bermudian,' not 'Bermudan' which is what the game currently says.
  15. I have taken charge of Fortaleza, who are struggling in the Colombian Primera B division. The facilities, reputation and players all look very solid however so I'm excited about this job.