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  1. Thanks for this @displaced_seagull, Lovatt should appear at Sutton for release but unfortunately it's too late to update his history. I'll keep this on record for the next update. Thanks, Jake
  2. Hi @SovietTea, We've had eyes on this takeover for weeks and it is under review. Please see the post by @Ed Hewison earlier in the thread clarifying the situation. Regards, Jake
  3. Hi @UNRECOMMENDABLE_, That post should be posting in the National League North thread - https://community.sigames.com/topic/531264-england-national-league-north-–-level-6-data-issues/ And I believe that issue has been fixed. Thanks, Jake
  4. Cheers Liam, this has been updated, as stated earlier in the thread. Jake
  5. Hi @PTSColes, Haven't seen anything about Pearson returning to Bristol C, can you supply some evidence for this please? We don't do short term loans in FM research but thanks for the info, I'll keep it on file. Jake
  6. Hi @aldershotsam386 Yeah, bit of a weird one this! I'll consult with our Aldershot researcher and clarify this. I'm sure if I was Whittingham then I'd go off somewhere else and get paid, if it's true. Enjoy the game, Jake
  7. Cheers Craig, Wealdstone staff updated. Believe the capacity has been taken from the official National League handbook so I'll look into this if the official number has changed. Jake
  8. Hi @Walshieboy750, Staff updates were made before BETA, should be all good for release. I've updated Hanson. Williams, King and Allen. Top researching, thanks for this. If you notice anything else, let us know. Jake
  9. Hi @JordanRichardson Thanks for posting. All the changes listed have been made prior to the BETA, should be ready for release. Cheers, Jake
  10. Hi @alexjwalpole Staff has been updated. Barrows and Carey updated prior to BETA, should be ready for release. The game determines listed players. Cheers, Jake
  11. Hi @Harry_CFC& @TheUltimateSpireite Cheers for the info lads, Ownership and board have been updated. The other squad changes have been made prior to the BETA and will be ready for release. Regarding the club vision, I think reaching the play offs is sufficient. A club of Chesterfield's reputation and facilities should be competing for a return a to the EFL. Cheers, Jake
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