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  1. Hi @MShing, We haven't noticed anything unusual in particular. Would you like to show us some evidence and/or examples of this happening? More info on how to do this can be seen in the link below; Thanks, Jake.
  2. under review

    Hey @FrazT, Thanks for reporting this. This is something we are aware of and have passed over to the Dev Team. Cheers, Jake.
  3. under review

    Hey @F31, I agree with you, the Brahimi offside should not have been given offside. I will pass that onto the Dev team. Thank you for that example. The 'goal' that is given offside probably shouldn't have been given but I can understand why it is. Belotti is standing very close to the goalkeeper. I'd pass it on too. If you have anymore examples then can you please post them on here, please. Thanks, Jake.
  4. need more info

    Hey @Johnleegriffin, Like other Match Engine bugs we'd need an example to go with this. We wouldn't be able to fix any bugs without examples. More info can be found here; Thanks, Jake.
  5. need more examples

    Cheers @brookie1402, Examples are always helpful, keep them coming and we'll pass them on. Thanks again, Jake.
  6. need more info

    Hey @Daveo72, Thanks for posting on the forums, this sounds very odd indeed. Can you tell us if the sending off occurs before or after you make the change? Also, could you upload the PKM of the match and we'll look into it. More info on how to do this can be found here; Cheers, Jake
  7. need more info

    Hey @maccataq, This is not something that we've seen here in the QA department. If you have experienced this too many times then can you upload your examples for us to review. More info can be found here; Thanks, Jake.
  8. under review

    Hi @F31, Can you provide us with a PKM of this match, please? Jake.
  9. under review

    Hi @F31, In order to investigate your problem further we need you to provide examples. It's a big help for us. More info on how to do this can be found here; Thanks, Jake.
  10. need more info

    Hi @TaylorToney-Green14, Is your graphic level set to Very Low? If it is then there will be no fans in the stadium. Jake.
  11. Research work never stops! I'd suggest posting the problem on the FMT forum. Link to it is here; https://community.sigames.com/forum/526-football-manager-touch-2017-bugs-forum/ Thanks, Jake.
  12. FMT uses different data. Princes Park capacity has been set as 4101 in the database.
  13. Hey @manchester Thanks for posting on the forums. I think you're right and it frustrates me too when I see it. It's something we're aware of and are trying to improve. Thanks for the example, I will pass it on to the Dev team. The more examples we have the better it is, so if you see any more incidents of this happening then can you upload them please. Cheers, Jake.
  14. need more info

    Does the game crash without the custom skin? Jake.
  15. need more info

    Hey @Liverpool954, Does the game still crash when you play without the custom skin? Jake.