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  1. Hi @Clintabn, Could you provide evidence of what they should be on and I'll look into it. I will change this, thanks for posting. Thanks! Jake.
  2. Hi @jambo4life1874, Thanks for spotting this, this will be correcting for the next update. Jake.
  3. Thanks for posting @TheMadMonk, Could you provide a source for this info please and I'll get it reviewed. Cheers, Jake.
  4. Hi @Clintabn, Thanks for posting. We are already aware of these changes as they happens after data lock for release. These will be reflected in further updates. Jake.
  5. Hi @bennyj22, I'm not sure what data issue you have posted here, please could you elaborate on it? Nick Haughton's transfer happened on 26th October, after the data lock for the game, so wasn't included. John Askew went out on loan 4 days ago so hasn't been included on the game as it was after data lock and after the game's release. James Jones and Emmanuel Dieseruvwe are both short term loans so haven't been included. Danny Livesey, Anthony Dudley and Jake Beesley are on loan at their respective clubs on the game so there isn't a data issue here. Dennis Politic is a short term loan and happened after data lock so isn't included on the game. Please use this thread for data issues and not for posting news about Salford City. Hope you're enjoying the game! Thanks, Jake.
  6. Hi @RobbC, Can you provide a source for this please? Particularly when these players signed etc. Cheers, Jake.
  7. I don't think you're using an updated version, it hasn't been like this for some time. There has been more than a 'little' attention paid to all my clubs. And please, get in contact with myself or Gripper as we are looking for a Salford expert who knows the in's and out's of the club. Hope you enjoy FM19. Jake.
  8. He was on the bench for last Saturday's game against Met. Police. Jake.
  9. Hi @Prejudice182, Please can you provide evidence for these transfers? Also, we don't change names of stadiums to a sponsored-name unless we are asked by the National League to do, it will remain Grosvenor Vale for FM19. Thanks, Jake.
  10. Hi @OrientTillIDie, Thanks for posting, some worthwhile suggestions to think over. I've updated/tweaked Coulson, Hammond, Kyprianou and Koroma. I don't believe you have provided enough evidence for Phillips and Bonne to be adjusted. , please provide evidence as to why it should be bumped at by one point. And our researcher researches the youth teams. Thanks, Jake.
  11. Thanks for posting. We're aware of this and are still working on it. Jake.
  12. This isn't a Database and Research issue, you'd need to post this in the UI forum. Jake.
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