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  1. [Solihull Moors] (Official) Data Issues

    Not quite.
  2. [Solihull Moors] (Official) Data Issues

    He played his first game for Welling on 11/08/15 and left Maidenhead long before that. Trust me on this.
  3. [Solihull Moors] (Official) Data Issues

    Feb 8th 2014 -Making it the 2013/14 season but thanks anyway!
  4. [Dagenham & Redbridge] (Official) Data Issues

    Cheek's height has been updated. As far as I am aware, Cheek's DoB is correct. I am aware he has moved to Dagenham. Every player is considered for update. Thanks, Jake.
  5. [Leyton Orient] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks for this, @Stu Coleman and I will consider this for future versions. Jake.
  6. [Aldershot Town] (Official) Data Issues

    Hey @Musestar Thanks for this, but there isn't going to be any further updates for FM17. Jake.
  7. [Aldershot Town] (Official) Data Issues

    Hey @Musestar, Thanks for posting on the forums, I'll look into seeing what I can do to make the two-tier stand into a one-tier. The issue with the fans is randomly generated. Regarding the player pictures, we can only include what the club send to us. Cheers, Jake.
  8. Duplicated player

    That's the reason why. It's fine on the official database. Jake.
  9. Duplicated player

    Hi @Branquinho1997, Third party packs would be custom graphics downloaded that aren't the original FM interface. Likewise if you've been using a custom database, rather than the official database update. Thanks, Jake.
  10. Duplicated player

    Hey @Branquinho1997, Are you using any third party packs? I assume you're Sporting CP manager as Matheus Pereira is not duplicated on my game. Thanks, Jake.
  11. Hey @John_Yuki Great spot and thanks for posting on the forums. We have been aware of this and it has been passed onto the Dev Team. Apologies if it spoils your game. Thanks again, Jake.
  12. Can't confirm transfer?

    Hi @craiigman, It usually says it on multiple screens across the game if a player needs a work permit. Could be a good idea to post in the Feature Requests forum to get a little message on this screen too. Jake.
  13. Hey @Krishaldo, Probably a number of reasons why this is. 1.) Computers may not be able to handle all those scout reports and could cause crashes or use up a dangerous amount of memory. 2.) It would be unrealistic to have your scouts scout that many players in real life. Think of the workload. 3.) It would make the game incredibly easy for the user. We would like to make the game as realistic as possible. Thanks, Jake.
  14. If you could provide a saved game for any of the past occurrences of this bug then I'll look into it right away. Cheers, Jake.
  15. Hi @will221996, Thanks for posting on the forums. The issue is not that Singapore is being judged as a developing country but that the player probably doesn't want to leave England. Cheers, Jake.