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  1. [ENGLAND] (Official) Tranmere Rovers Data Issues

    Thanks for noticing, I'll delete the old clauses. The contract end date is correct though. Thanks again, Jake.
  2. Chris Allen's playing history is correct, I'll update Cooper.
  3. [ENGLAND] (Official) FC Halifax Town Data Issues

    Cheers, we'll look into this for the next update. Jake.
  4. [ENGLAND] (Official) Sutton United Data Issues

    I'll look into this. If you find anything then let me know please. Thanks for posting, Jake.
  5. [ENGLAND] (Official) Woking Data Issues

    Everything posted on this thread will be updated.
  6. [ENGLAND] (Official) Eastleigh Data Issues

    Hey @Draig73, Judging by the looks of it, it seems that your Mobile version has not imported any player/non-players as Flitney, Stack, Paul Reid and Ben Strevens aren't appearing. I'd suggest posting on the Mobile forums to find out why. This isn't a data issue. Thanks for posting on the forums. Jake.
  7. [ENGLAND] (Official) Eastleigh Data Issues

    They are on game and are in the Eastleigh file. Jake.
  8. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    Luke Shaw's contract ends in 2019. The game is correct - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/11/10/man-utd-extend-contracts-quartet-invoking-12-month-options-current/ Thanks, Jake.
  9. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi @LeonBlack, The 20 for heading is purely subjective. He still has a very high rating for a 37 year old for heading. And his jumping reach is fine as he is 5'11. The following is a description of what jumping reach means; Jumping Reach - How good a player is at reaching a ball in the air. It indicates the highest point an outfield player can reach with his head. It is not necessarily reflective of how tall a player is, but when considering his jumping ability, it makes sense to take into account the player's height. For example, a player of 200+cm will still possess a high reach even if he is a poor jumper, and a player who measures in at 170cm will struggle to compete at the same height due to the 30cm difference in height between the two. Hope this clears things up. Thanks for posting, Jake.
  10. Hi @icharlieroberts, Thanks for posting on the forums. 1. His name is spelt 'Enoch' on the official Hampton website and other sources. Could you provide some evidence please? 2. & 3. As per the instructions in the first post of this thread, please can you provide evidence here. 4. This is correct according to the match report in his only senior appearance this season in the Middlesex Senior Cup against Enfield Town. This should be changed in the official data update. 5. I will consider this. Thanks again, Jake.
  11. Hi @jallo, You need this forum - https://community.sigames.com/topic/411596-england-regional-leagues-–-level-9-official-data-issues/ Jake.
  12. Yes, this will be updated in the next official data update. Jake.
  13. Hi @Rj92, The example you mentioned was updated because Jason Matthews was already on the database and turning him from a coach to a GK coach was a quick fix. In the case of St. Albans' non-playing staff, it would have meant creating new records. This would have been time-consuming during this busy period where we have to prioritise some issues over others. Level 6 of English football unfortunately isn't high priority. Apologies if this hinders your enjoyment of the game. I hope you understand. Jake.