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  1. Having felt a little underwhelmed by FM over the last couple of years, I am really enjoying my game with Birmingham City atm. The game feels slicker than last years and I love the new additions, particularly the board expectations and playing time option.. I get that the abundance of 1 on 1 chances being missed is a little annoying but hopefully SI get this sorted quickly. Keep up the good work guys.
  2. Birmingham City for me. Will be interesting trying to get promoted with a tight wage budget.
  3. Destro has proven to be a good signing for me. He bagged 22 goals last season.
  4. Ramos cost around £42 million and Cavani cost £64million with around £15 million of that in installments. I think both have wages around 200k per week. I asked for a bigger wage budget and they gave me an additional 500k. The board have been really supportive and backed me all the way. My only dilemma is who to play up front betwen Destro, Giroud, Cavani and Wellbeck..
  5. Cheers guys. Managed to sign Santon in January for a knockdown 7 mil. Gonna try and sign Alaba in summer as he looks top notch.
  6. Ah. I offered him out for 10 mil and still no luck. I'll give him a run in the first team and see if I can get some money for him. Callum Chambers is actually coming along really well but struggling to sign a decent left back. Any suggestions anyone??
  7. I've just come into the January transfer window in my first season with Arsenal. Throughly enjoying the game and doing well on all fronts. I had pleasent surprise when the board offered that I can change my expectations and doing so gave me a huge transfer budget of £120 million. Sergio Ramos and Cavani were bought in as luxuries realy but they add so much to my team. Is anyone else struggling offloading the likes of Giroud and Walcott? I have Destro, Wellbeck, Cavani and Sanchez up front so they are surplus to requirements.
  8. Hi there, I've got a big problem. I'm trying to join a friends network game,he's on a pc running vista and i'm on a mac. I've installed hamachi using terminal, gone through all the instructions and managed to connect to his network. Despite this, I can't seem to join his game and he says that i've got an orange dot next to my name. Can anyone shed any light on this as it's becoming quite annoying? As much as I love my mac, sometimes it sucks having on. Thanks
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