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  1. Has anyone said Arley Dinas? Immense Colombian DC who ruled the air for my Ajax team back in about CM4 (??) days.
  2. Perhaps, but against that the chances of our board saying spend £25-30m next season after a comfortable survival in Season 1 don't seem that high. Despite the two recent wins irl, I'd still jump at finishing this season fourth bottom.
  3. Well I got Milevskyi in though he was £8m rather than £5m. Also went for a young Argentinian DMC called Lucinetti (?), who is already my best midfielder. Plus Pedro Leon. They were £9m and £10m respectively. Haven't got going in Season 2 yet though. Trying a 4-4-2 diamond in midfield; mainly to accommodate Riquelme. Short passing; fluid. We shall see. I suspect it won't work against better teams.
  4. Aiming to get Gareth Bale and Royston Drenthe in to bolster my left side. After that only really need a DMC. Should I keep Vokes? Everton have bid £6m. I'm selling Maierhofer for £5m, so my remaining strikers are Mista, Doyle and Fonseca. If I sell Vokes, who would be good in his place? Ideally someone with HG status.
  5. Osorio is doing very well for me at DR. Trains to cover DL as well. I'm a couple of games before the end of Season 1 and am sitting in 8th. Pleasantly surprised. Vilar has been my best buy, but Mista, Pinto, Osorio and Linderoth have all done well. Of the pre-existing squad, Jarvis and Kightly have been good, as have the central defenders. I've signed Burdisso and Riquelme on frees for next season. For some reason I've lost 2-1 in every game against the Big Four. Can that be a coincidence or am I doing something wrong? My best result was a 7-0 thrashing of Newcastle in the FA Cup with Mista getting 5.
  6. OK so I decided my buys were rubbish in the main and started again. So now I've got: GK - Vilar (fffb), Hennessey DR - Osorio, Foley DL - Masilela, Pinto DC - Stearman, Zubar, Shilla, Mancienne MR - Kightly, Halford ML - Skacel (surprisingly good), Jarvis MC - Krivets, Linderoth, Milijas, Surman, Castillo ST - Doyle, Mista (£0, and very good), Fonseca, Maierhofer, Vokes I managed to shift all of the dead wood, which pleased me. Got no money left, but my team is set for the season, I reckon. Berra leaving for £2m + 20% to Newcastle in January but see no real need to spend. I'm playing a 4-4-2 at home and 4-1-4-1 away, and am 8th in mid-October. I even beat Man U 1-0 at the Molineux, and only lost narrowly away to the 3 of the big 4. Pleasantly surprised. edit - forgot Edwards, who has done well as cover for his AMRC role.
  7. OK so I've not long started a Wolves game and this is what I've managed so far in terms of my team: GK - Hennessey, Hahnemann DR - Foley, Halford DL - Elokobi (who isn't good enough), Youssef El-Akchaoui (£950k from NEC), Jean-Alain Fanchone (£575k for season's loan from Le Mans but he can't play as I forgot I'd used all my 25 available spaces ) DC - Mancienne, Zubar, Berra, Sergiy Federov (£0, free), Matthew Booth (£120k from Sundowners but he had his leg broken 2 mins into the first game of the season by Adebayor and is out for 6 months), Marian Ciskovsky (£1.3m from FC Timisoara) MR - Kightly, Sergey Krivets (£2.4m - BATE) ML - Jarvis, Surman, Koen Daerden (£350k - Club Brugge) MC - Henry, Milijas, Castillo, Tobias Linderoth (£450k - Galatasary), David de Freitas (£85k - FC Nantes) FC - SEB, Vokes, Doyle, Maierhofer, Javier Chevanton (£975k - Sevilla), Gigel Bucur (£1.5m - FC Timisoara) Players I've sold: David Jones (£1.5m - Preston), Andy Keogh (£2.5m - Ipswich), Richard Stearman (£4.5m - Spurs), Darren Ward (£700k - Derby), Jody Craddock (£350k - Coventry), Dan Jones (£110k - Shrewsbury), Matt Hill (£375k - Notts County), Stephen Ward (£1m + 30% - Swansea) I tried and failed to get rid of Iwelumo, who kept refusing to go to Blackpool on the wages they were offering, and Elokobi. Currently playing a fairly standard 4-4-2 on a counter-attacking basis, playing the balls down the flanks and aiming to get crosses in from the bye-line. I'm only 3 proper games in so it's a bit hard to judge, but they were 0-4 (Man City could have had 8), 2-0 v Burnley and 1-1 at Craven Cottage. Plus 4-1 v Tranmere in the League Cup. So ok-ish, but I think the better teams are going to make mincemeat of me. The back 4 and Hennessey aren't good enough. So who has bright ideas for who I've missed to buy and what not?
  8. FM2009 Coach Calculator

    Does anyone know if there have there been any (many?) changes to the settings for coaches in the FM10 demo. And, yes, can you get the link fixed please. And updated???
  9. I'm in a similar position but I definitely need a new piece of kit. The current PC has valves. Can someone please point me in the right direction to find the recommended (as opposed to minimum) system requirements I should be looking at? Thanks.
  10. 7 Star Coaching made easy (9.3 Only)

    So you can't combine, say, two goalkeeping coaches where say one has GK 18 and Determination 18 but poor stats for Discipline and Motivation, and the reverse is true for the other one. Logically, they ought to mutually back one another up for the benefit of the training. But you're saying that they don't? Don't get that. And why isn't there a difference between 4* and 7* training? What's the point of having a higher coach then? I mean, I'm having trouble finding high star coaches to come to my At Madrid team, so that's a benefit to me, I guess. But it still doesn't make sense.
  11. Cheers. One win (4-2 v WBA!), and a 3-0 defeat at Spurs.
  12. Ha. At least I've rediscovered named links. Will continue trying to fail with the image thing. Transfers Edit - Blimey. it's huge. How do I thumbnail it? Can either a mod edit it, or someone tell me where I'm going wrong? Or both.
  13. Here goes me trying to post details then: Nuts. Have completely forgotten screenshots. Trying again: No, that didn't work either. Rollocks. Continuing to experiment: Transfers Summer 2009
  14. Finally finished my first season. Came second, behind a rampant Reading side. Pretty pleased with that; played it completely straight as well. In January I brought in Marko Ciurlizza on a free, plus Joaquin Botero for £95k as an SC. Both did well. Also Pablo Alvarez on loan from Deportivo at AMR, which was a good job as Kightly and Barboianu both picked up injuries. I am just about to start my first season in the Prem. I've gone as barmy as usual in the transfer window, so I'll put up the current team and transfers next.
  15. Keogh has 10 in 20 for Norwich, so he's doing pretty well, but he's always pants for me. So I don't mind him going. His current value is £700k, so I'm not grieving. I take your point about Edwards, but with Ciurlizza coming I didn't mind him going. He was only playing as cover and wasn't fantasically happy about it.