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  1. Transfer Debt is the amount either a) owed by you or b) due to you on transfers that have been previously made. I believe if the number is red, this means on balance you are owed more money by other clubs than you owe to other clubs in the future. For example, assume I start with no transfer debt. I then buy a player with future installments of 1,000 euro to be paid. I sell a different player with 5,000 euro in future installments to be paid to me. My transfer debt would then show as 4,000 negatively (red) as "positive" debt.
  2. Even though Brexit has been in a couple of FMs now this iteration is the first that has pretty much ruined my enjoyment of the game. Playing as Elgin City I've been promoted to League 1 in Scotland. A chance to perhaps scour the market a bit and get a young , or old, foreign player or two in to bolster the ranks. After all, the pool of talent in Scotland is pretty limited. Instead, the Brexit roll for my game is similar to one a couple of others have in that it requires all foreign Youth players to have a minimum salary of 3,000 per week and anyone for the first team to have 8,000 pe
  3. The game doesn't seem to recognise .tac files from the beta. Is this intentional?
  4. Great opening to the thread and like the touch you did with the budgets I started a game in the Beta and signed de Ligt from Ajax to come in as a CB, letting Klavan go to Spurs, with the net cost being about 9M which isn't too bad. Trying to get one of Rugani and Tah to join as the next piece of business but they are both around the 30M mark. Central midfield also could use a more defensive player, a lot of formations around at the moment look to require a more pragmatic, physical presence than we have.
  5. Narbett - good call on Mike Marsh, he was pretty handy in the earlier versions of CM. I seem to recall Istvan Kozma was actually pretty good too in CM93, but never quite hit the same heights for the real Liverpool.
  6. Your v2 is my favourite tactic at the moment, I could do with converting more of the chances it creates but defensively it is fantastic.
  7. Cheers Knap, always like your tactics, the 11.3 one was working nicely as an alternative strategy to a 4-2-2-2 so will give these a good try
  8. I've found version 2 to be really effective at every level of the Scottish Leagues and, if anything, most effective in the SPL probably because my team started getting a bit of extra quality in all positions.
  9. My experience in my Liverpool game was that I could get goal production from a variety of players in the advanced midfield + striker positions, but if my full-backs were weak then I struggled.
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