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  1. I'll have no problem getting a job(have won the champions league and got many job offers as a result), i thought ,maybe it would make you much more likely to get FM'd than normal
  2. I hope Prince Abdullahi is your captain, the man is practically royalty(and has 17 leadership)
  3. I wanted to know how much adaptability affects you when moving to another league. I understand that it will make it difficult but will it be impossible if it is very low. In my case I set it to one when doing a Spanish LLM save expecting to take twenty years to win the champo but it took me five and now I want to move to Italy and I'm not sure if Ill end up losing every match because of my adaptability being set to a measly "1" out of "20"!!!
  4. Man that guy is gonna be crazy,make sure you get him a good tutor
  5. Dynamic Player preferred numbers If a player plays in the same number for 5 years then they should eventually have that number as their preferred number in the registration window in the squad section
  6. That makes sense but i don't understand why SI would reduce the youth rating of china from 117 to 60 in the year following serious investment by Chinese billionaires,Guanghzou evergrande etc.
  7. Why is it that there are a distinct lack of good Chinese regens ,even decades into the game. I am of the understanding that Population is a very important factor in determining the likelihood that a country will produce great superstars. Another factor is the facilities at clubs in the country, I'd imagine that the mega-rich clubs could afford to max out facilities,junior coaching,etc. So why is it that even when there are goldilocks conditions there is not a superstar in sight? I don't expect a 200PA every three years but a population of ONE AND A HALF BILLION and no good players in thirty years!!!
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