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  1. Unfortunately, it did not help. I would like to play a newer manager but I do not know if it will work on my computer. In addition, the sentiment to old footballers ..
  2. Hi, At the beginning I would like to emphasize that I have the original version of the game and have it since 2007. The game after inserting into the drive does not turn on via autorun. To install this game I have to open the folder, because even in my computer FM is no icon and after double-clicking nothing happens. (under the word FM2008 it says: UDF, I do not know if it matters.) When j click the setup, everything works as it should, the game installs. After the installation I get the message: Congratulations! Football Manager 2008 has been successfully installed in the folder. Then I turn on the game and j have a warning: Failed to find a default database to use. Please make sure your installation is not corrupt. After it j have next warning: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of window 1.xml. After all, the game freezes my computer, I have a windows 7 and an updated graphics card nivida geforce if it matters, then I give details of my computer. Can anyone help me with my problem? I would like to emphasize once again that the game installs from the original disc that worked on my previous computer.
  3. J unnistal complete and install a lot of times but J try again... Always J see problem with database but what j can do with this?
  4. No, j don't have more partitons and j try unnistal and install and that no effect
  5. Hello , I know that now on top of the FM2016 but recently decided to run Football Manager 2008. The album is original and I always worked on the old computer, but the old computer went to hell ... I installed the game on a laptop with Windows 7 and after starting the game shows a yellow triangle telling me to check if the database is in order and that the installation is not corrupt . Please help , I tried to run with different modes of conformity and all the time the same or a black screen after the initial inscriptions . Please help!
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