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  1. I haven't had any issues since the patch. It's fixed on my end.
  2. I'm not much a trading player anymore because it seems it's almost impossible to make a fair trade anymore. I almost always have to overpay. I try and develop my own or sign UFA's. I'm not saying trading is impossible, just that I don't like how it stands right now.
  3. I have no hard evidence but it seems to me that fighting has gone way down in this sim over the years. I remember when I could have an enforcer log well over 300 pims in fighting majors but lucky if I can crack 150 now... and that's total pims. I don't think they are as useful as they once were. I would rather have a good grinder who can play the game rather than a guy who can only go out and crack skulls. You need an opponent to crack skulls and I just don't see many of those around the sim these days.
  4. Nothing is ever perfect. But I have been playing this sim for literally over 10 years and it's never been better. I have no issues with the prospect system in the current state. I rather enjoy managing my prospects after draft. Bringing them through the system until they become important pieces is quite satisfying. I think it would be extremely boring and not very realistic if drafted players were immediately ready for duty. Yes, there may be X amount of players ready for the NHL at draft, but those players are definitely the exception and not the norm.
  5. Thanks for looking into this, Riz. No doubt things will be sorted out.
  6. Your attitude is terrible and your opinion about McDavid being better than 90% of the league is statistically wrong.
  7. Very few freshly drafted 18yr olds are ready for the NHL. Most are sent back to juniors and really aren't ready for the NHL until 19 and even 20 is more realistic. Very few NHL teams rush their prospects into the NHL these days and it can do more damage than good if they are. A player has to be a freakish generational talent to be ready to jump into the NHL right away and these players only come around once in a blue moon. And even those players are never frontline players for their teams. I think EHM is pretty good with respects to prospect placement and development. In my opinion it's the best it's ever been. I've been playing EHM for over 10 years and I don't think the sim has ever been as good as it is now.
  8. How about prospects not playing at all? I think that's a more important issue than the coaches bug. I didn't say this wasn't important but there is only so much a Dev can do at one time and, much like life, there will always be a priority list. I don't see this bug as game breaking compared to the no background games bug. Like I said before, these things always get sorted out. We just have to have patience.
  9. I think there is a "mass edit all" feature in EHM DB editor. But I've never used it so I'm not sure how it would work. Give the DB editor a try and see if that helps with the issue as a short term fix. I am only trying to offer some short term solutions. I agree it's a bug, but the Dev can only do so much at once. There are other and more important issues right now that need attention so some things have no choice but to wait.
  10. You could always use EHM Assistant to adjust the motivation rating if that's what you're asking about.
  11. It started on an older save of mine that I had been playing for quite some time. Started a new game and it began happening again. Only experienced this after the last hotfix.
  12. Doesn't surprise me. It's pretty game breaking. It reminds me of the bug we had during the 07 days where player attributes were slowly dropping until red. No matter how hard you practiced them. Like I said, I have no doubts the Dev is gonna get this sorted out. Just takes time. It just sucks that it's so game breaking because some of us can't really play in it's current state.
  13. Yeah, I agree. There is no question it's a real bug and a game breaking one at that. I'm sure this is at the top of the Dev's priority list and we should hopefully get a fix soon enough. I can't even play because there's really no point if my prospects aren't developing.
  14. I completely agree with Nino-33 on this. I wish the game did a better job of generating and hiring AI staff. I have become a master at drafting and developing prospects and wouldn't be ableto with out quality staff. OK, drafting still needs work in this sim, but assistant coaches and the head coach are almost the most important part of this game. With out quality coaches your players, no matter how good they can be, will doubtfully reach their PA. I spend more time on managing my staff then I do reading my scouting reports. My opinion is that the staff are the most important part of this sim and probably the most neglected as well. I hope once the sim is ironed out and the Dev has more time they can start to look at ways to improve the staff as it's far too important to be left in it's current state.
  15. HAHA. That last part is so true. Even when you're clearly improving your team for the better and even getting the better player the fans and board seem to be upset. As far as the delay, I've been playing this franchise for a long time and have never experienced the delay until recently. Unless it was an intentional addition I have to think it's a new bug. I don't mind it as you are correct about the real life transfer time. But it is definitely something new, whether it's a bug or not.
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