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  1. Wonder if anyone can help, my Hometown team is Gateshead so on any FM game I play Gateshead is where I go, my dilemma is lack of an u-23, is there a way to ask the board to start one, will it come with youth level increases, or am I doomed to never have one?
  2. on my Newcastle save, Colback has made it his own and is running my midfield
  3. ok cheers for the help and advice I will certainly look into both those suggestions
  4. and I am running low graphics quality, upon loading the issue seems to have corrected itself, but it would be helpful to know if the DxDiag shows anything I need to be aware of in the future in case this happens again. Thanks again for your help DxDiag.txt
  5. I have tried all the above methods and am faced with the same problem, I have played 13 games without issue so am unsure as to why it would start now,
  6. So after playing for a while, my graphics during a match show all players as black shadows with no name tags, also the ground is a complete silhouette ( that is probably spellled wrong) Any ideas are much appreciated
  7. weird question, does it not make more sense to have the DLF on the BPD side so you have a good header of the ball for those long passes, also this would allow a greater aerial threat from the R WB as most of my crosses seem to come in form that side
  8. Am giving this a go with Newcastle, but so far have tweaked around by adding work into box, and retain possession, also changed the WB-A to FB-A as the wingbacks were leaving more space behind than I like, Will update if the changes are effective
  9. is the tactic fluid, I saw a marked improvement once it was fluid, the defence for me was one of the best aspects of this tactic
  10. Considering he was a free he is the best value keeper for me, the young keepers you mentioned are brilliant but For 50k a week Rulli is a great option
  11. For me Rulli is a top class keeper, the other two are probably the best scouted young keepers on my shortlist, Would love Donnarumma but Krul is a good quality backup Rulli has been brilliant for us
  12. Title defended and Capital one Cup won.. and a league season without defeat we only lost our 6th round FA cup match 1-0 to Liverpool. Quarter final to Juventus 1-1 on away goals changed passing to mixed and selected be more expressive, also switched the Midfield DLP to a RMP
  13. I use Sissoko as a Right sided AP but also he is immense for me as a RPM in the middle of the park
  14. Compared to the other options Tim Krul is great, he is still a solid 3 star keeper Karl Darlow Meh Rob Elliot sweet jesus no, i'll go in goal before he does
  15. So Tim was all settled in as untouchable Newcastle Number one, but then, we found arnd aquired on a free, the Great Geronimo, 51k per week is not even the highest paid at the club. He is probably well known, but I had to share the details
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