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  1. This happens basically every time you draft an unsigned American prospect that says he is 'Aiming to play College Hockey'. They get floods of offers from assorted U18 teams and others, then the prospect snubs them and they offer a contract to him again the next day to be reject en masse in a few days, after which they will then reject them all and they will all re-offer for him etc. I've had this go on literally for months and when they do get an offer it means they will sit out for a whole season before playing. They NEVER will accept a non-college offer so why do these teams persue them so un-endingly? Here you can see that today's AM offer from Oakland U18 was rejected the evening before.
  2. When you draft a young American player who claims to "Want to play College hockey" and is without a contract he gets flooded with offers to play elsewhere (in the tune of 8-10 offers usually!) He then rejects all of their offers, then a few days later they all offer for him again. Days later he rejects them all again. I've had this process continue for half a season with the player never accepting a single offer because he only wants to play in college. They remain out of contract with anybody for the whole season and spam the hell out of your diary. They need to either accept a 'lesser' offer from that initial bunch or there needs to be a path for 18 y/o draftees to get college offers if that is the only contract they will accept. American players of justdrafted age end up playing nowhere.
  3. In the deal in the screenshot one player in the trade isn't noted. This isn't the first trade I've noticed with a player dropped from one side in the news item. The player in question does end up on the right team he's just invisible from the trade news item.
  4. Agreed. Reported in July... https://community.sigames.com/topic/375828-shootout-choices-shown-but-game-ended-in-ot/
  5. This news item has lost it's formatting, the listing of players no longer has it's intended spacing as there should be a space between each player.
  6. My 'V' status markers that indicate a player on an AHL team is a designated veteran of over 260 games played have stopped displaying in the roster view. This does however seem to be an off-season issue. The indicators popped back on during the regular season but now that the season is over they have once again gone missing for the 2nd year in a row. Save file on /fhm section of the ftp as: 'EHM AHL Vet Issue.sav.zip'
  7. The next year has come around in my game and again the players contracts expiring have split over two days with just four in one and the rest in the next news item. I can't come up with a good 'why' for the four bouncing to a different item. While they are all AHL prospects, other AHL prospects only appear in the second news, so that doesn't differentiate them...
  8. It has always been difficult for a checking line player to get decent ratings, even 6's (at best) are the usual fare. I know in my game I've churned through a ton of checking liners looking for a sparse few that can keep from ending up in negative news items. It would be nice to give them a bump up, I know one such upgrade was done during previous development cycles.
  9. It just came around to the end of December that generates the news message about upcoming contracts that are expiring. This year for some reason I got this on Dec 30: Four contracts? This year we actually have 17: We also have an Assistant Coach and a Scout set to expire and neither fired a message notification. Then strangely enough on the 31st (the next eve) I got the normal full yearly listing... very odd and obviously not as designed to function. I've gotten several other double notifications so this could be a part of that bug? See my other report here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/375235-team-selections-done-three-times/
  10. This award for the highest team point totals used to be awarded with a news item after the season finished, before the playoffs seedings were announced. It currently has gone missing a/o 1.2.1.
  11. Looked around to see if this one was posted about, it's a carry over from '07 actually. You get the NHL shootout choices screen and when you hit continue you see that the game actually ended on an OT goal during the OT period.
  12. I have uploaded my EHM skim to the FTP for use in testing the 'skin bugs' I've posted if that will be helpful. It's in the 'fmh' folder named 'Minstrel_EHM_minty_one_Skin.zip'
  13. It's currently very difficult to get any kind of a return on trading a goalie in the offseason or preseason. They all get graded down because they 'haven't seen much action' lately even if they closed out playing in the Stanley Cup Final. Once the stats get reset for the new season they "haven't played" and everyone marks them down in potential trades. Even playing back to back preseason games doesn't count for goalies as 'action'.
  14. As it shows in this screenshot, the European Hockey Tour's selection were displayed as news on the 25th, 27th and 28th, all three times showing the same selections.
  15. I really like the new addition of the 'Statistics' column on the 'Selection' roster page. I put together a pic with some suggestions though as it's a bit heard to read... This is a mock-up of the end-result of moving 'Average Rating' over next to 'Condition', and pulling 'Games Played' off of the 'Stat' line to it's own column. I think it neatens the view up. Also another thing that I've thought is that it would be great to move a players Face Off percentage 'up'. It's currently at around #24 on the stat line so you have to do a lot of clicking to get to it. It would be great maybe right after the 'Average Rating'? Currently it's behind give away/take away and shots blocked. I'd prefer seeing the face off percentage 'higher' in the list.
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