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  1. You might be right about the singing fee. but there is still a big difference between the two cap hit seen on the two pictures. (600k)
  2. Hi i'm using the 98-99 retro DB from ehmtheblueline.com. And i've just realized that there might be a bug. I usualy offer front loaded contract to UFA. I really dont know if it's more effective than a regular contract but yeah, i still do it. With the 98-99 DB i've offered a foward a 3 years contract with a salary breakdown like this : 2 000 000 / 1 300 000 / 1 000 000 + singing bonus so the average cap hit would be 1.5 millions. On the last year of his contract i've traded him. After a while i've looked at his cap hit it was 1 222 222 (1 million of his final year + singning bonus / 3). Here is an example : I'm playing the Yotes and i've traded Pellerin to MTL in the off season. Here is his CAP HIT : 1 800 000 in phx Here is his CAP HIT with MTL shouldn't his cap hit carried over to mtl ?
  3. If we talk about thing that could make the lenght vary i'm thinking : the timing of when the contract is proposed : if the player if doing well, or the team (or both) the player could ask for lenghtier deal. The loyalty of player His age If he was drafted by this team or not. if the team as a legitimate chance of winning in the next x season (prospect pool)
  4. timing is the key, i've had the chance to unload a decent d-man with a 2nd pick for a noah haniffin. The team tought he was under performing so i could get my hand on it. But i've tried to trade for him 2 months before and the same offer was a solid no from them
  5. I dont know if was posted already by anyway : I would like to assign a position to a player, this way, even though i do my like with the help of the assisting coach, it would automaticly put my player in the position i've choosed. Example : i've Player A and i wish to play him on the 2ND LINE RW, and the 2ND PWP RW. At the moment the computer always put him on the 3RD RW LINE and no PWP. So if could state that he should be on the 2nd line and the pwp, i would not have to manually edit the lineup.
  6. you may be right kid. but what can i do if i want to continue my current game?
  7. I am playing in NHL. i've just finished my 1 st round in the playoff. and few of my players have been called on international duty even though we are still playing in the NHL. PLayers named to represent their country at the international level were usualy selected from teams that are eliminated. Therefore i can't continue my playoff since i am missing the third of my team! is it possible to fix it asap ? i really eager to win the stanley cup!
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