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  1. Check the fixtures 21/9, 23/9 & 26/10, 28/10, 30/10. I don't know if you have someone in your team who understands greek but this is the link for the Rules of Football Matches by the Greek Football Association https://www.epo.gr/kanonismoi/pdf/07_08/KAP_EPAGGELMATIKON_PROTA8LHMATON_final.pdf (check article 22.3 a) The English translation is "Under no circumstances a team cannot be obliged to play a second game, League or Cup before 48 hours have passed after the final whistle of the previous one"
  2. Same problem here. I get two fixtures within two days. Normally there;s a rule that does not allow any games with under of 48 hours break
  3. Furthermore: It should be possible to add a favorite or least favorite club while in the game
  4. Here are some suggestions for future versions of the game Proposals for FM: • When your team scores or concedes a goal you should have some seconds (until the replay is over for example) to cancel a substitution you have made • A change should be made on the ranking method of the goalkeeper. Many times goalkeepers with 10 or more saved shots (2 or 3 clear cut chances) get a 7 and a goalkeeper with two conceded goals in three shots on target get a 6.8 o Furthermore the penalty shootout process should have an effect on the goalie’s rating. It’s not possible that your keeper saves 3 penalties and he finishes with a 6.8 rating.. • Tactical analysis of the match with your team o Team meeting after the match (the next day) with tactical notes from the manager to the team. This could be done for example with 5 highlights from the match explaining what was done right or wrong. The highlights would be selected together with the assistant. • Right click on a player (for example on the team ratings table during the match) should offer you some pep talk options • Ability to instruct a player to get yellow card (not only by ordering him to be more harsh on his tackling) if you want him to serve a penalty on the next match so he does not lose some crucial upcoming matches. • Ability to contact or be contacted by a manager (with whom you have a good relationship for example) for a transfer target of your/his team or a player he/you have worked with etc. • Ability for a full interview by a journalist (for example after winning a title, quitting a post, taking over the managerial role at a club….) • Ability to buy a club (When you are the manager of REAL MADRDID and you get 5M per year you can easily buy a minor club from your home country…)
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