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  1. My Touch is 19.1.4. 2.2GB That’s a secret update anyway, even SI doesn’t mention it but it works ! Please keep it secret, nobody must know I was told
  2. Mine updated 2.2GB today.... This FM Touch forum section never gets updated or once in a year. Touch customers can determine if there is an update checking stars only, if that’s not a cloudy day of course. Shame indeed
  3. I have few mentoring groups since almost a year but nothing happens. Am I supposed to receive a mail about the output of such mentoring groups or am I obliged to spot differences within the players attribute ? Now I don’t remember their values at the beginning of the season thx
  4. Yes but funny was referred to the fact that if I sell them the AI offers 20M for Marcus Example 21 yrs wonderkid but if ai buy Marcus Example 21 yrs wonderkid from the AI the price is 200M. that is funny or weird or Marcus Example is cheating on his age because he is 39
  5. The impossible sell are just a “ way “ to prevent the human player to prevail/exploit the AI on selling players, exchanging them from human to AI is pretty much a cosmetic procedure, I mean, you should expect the players’ value to be cut by 70-80% even for young top players, if you want to sell them. if you buy young top players instead, the average price is around 200-300M. funny
  6. Pay attention to your ass man training injuries feedback, that’s helpful to prevent them. no, injuries have been toned down to decent levels. In the beta I had 16 injured players average, now around 3-5 which is somehow correct. jadedness bug have been fixed too
  7. Am I the only one who experience exchance player being ignored ? I mean, AI wants f.i. 50M for player, I insert in the negotiation a player quoted around 50M and the AI keep on asking 50M ignoring the exchange player option. so far I tried it a dozen of times with different players, same result. you can replicate the “ issue “ yourselves whatever negotiation thx
  8. So far, my first impression is that SI did a classy job on fixing bugs and FM/T for the moment seems to be outstanding. I will be back on playing thx
  9. Better that SI fixed show stoppers bugs like the injuries bug and the jadedness one ( still have to check myself ) rather than purely cosmetic ones, no ?
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