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  1. Newcastle United tycoon save! Link: https://mega.nz/#!HQkjHCxK!ZQDCsBv7VALdXK0x6sn6bJq0hbHud8E0QwrkJDwWv8M Enjoy the save
  2. @janesy20 Try this sites https://www.mediafire.com or https://mega.nz to upload your fm18 save file.
  3. Tycoon save of English former giant Leeds United, Here the download link: Leeds United Tycoon save click here to download the file
  4. Tycoon save of English Championship side Cardiff City, here the link of the tycoon save: Cardiff city tycoon save click here to download
  5. Tycoon save of Lierse SK from Belguim. A lot of money around 45 million to spend! Enjoy the file! Link: Click here to download the tycoon save file
  6. Tycoon save of Siena a Serie c club in Italy. Here is the link: Click here to download the tycoon save
  7. Tommorow i will upload Tycoon saves of Leeds United, Cardiff City, Siena and Lierse SK. Now it is to late to upload the files xd.. But tommorow around lunch time i will upload it! 😃
  8. I use the Flut skin dark, here is the link: https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm18-skins.html?id=4597
  9. Tycoon save of Scottish second division club Falkirk: TYCOON.FALKIRK.CLICK.ME
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