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  1. Newcastle United tycoon save! Link: https://mega.nz/#!HQkjHCxK!ZQDCsBv7VALdXK0x6sn6bJq0hbHud8E0QwrkJDwWv8M Enjoy the save
  2. @janesy20 Try this sites https://www.mediafire.com or https://mega.nz to upload your fm18 save file.
  3. Tycoon save of English former giant Leeds United, Here the download link: Leeds United Tycoon save click here to download the file
  4. Tycoon save of English Championship side Cardiff City, here the link of the tycoon save: Cardiff city tycoon save click here to download
  5. Tycoon save of Lierse SK from Belguim. A lot of money around 45 million to spend! Enjoy the file! Link: Click here to download the tycoon save file
  6. Tycoon save of Siena a Serie c club in Italy. Here is the link: Click here to download the tycoon save
  7. Tommorow i will upload Tycoon saves of Leeds United, Cardiff City, Siena and Lierse SK. Now it is to late to upload the files xd.. But tommorow around lunch time i will upload it! 😃
  8. I use the Flut skin dark, here is the link: https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm18-skins.html?id=4597
  9. Tycoon save of Scottish second division club Falkirk: TYCOON.FALKIRK.CLICK.ME
  10. Hello here is a tycoon save of Martimo a club from Portugal. The new owner is from Iran. Club worth is now around 100 million euro. Transfer budget is 123.8 million. The new owner will help the club to the Champions League, and he will help to win the Liga NOS in Portugal.. download link: https://mega.nz/#!6VcWTIoA!AmF76WdYCqaOGV9Rr7Pl-JsjOZbarGMoRo7-YVG1hNI
  11. Thanks for this great tycoon saves!!!!
  12. It works good. My estimated value is from 4.5 million to around 12 million gone. And the club is Pau FC from a French lower division. I think as you choose a club like Espanyol or Olympique Marseille or FC Copenhagen it will be more money.. Maybe a estimated value around 150-225 million..
  13. I know it. xD. It is not realistic i know it. But Ebbsleet has a rich owner From the Middle East. But 45.000 budget is not a realistic budget for Ebbsfleet [ the budget that they have in the begin]. That is why i give EbbsFleet so many money.
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