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    beating real madrid 6-0 doesn\'t mean you\'re great, beating real madrid 7-0 means you\'re great.

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  1. Counter-attack, you have to have counter attack ticked. The most attractive teams to watch (Barcelona 08-09, Arsenal 03-04, The Dutch Total-Football team, Real Madrid 07-08) all use counter-attack in a fluid system. Learning to create the system however takes tactics and super physical ability.
  2. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    Ha, you rate Cygan and Senderos? Are they worthy top-4 level defenders? No, they aren't.
  3. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    Ha. I'm right and you're wrong, what are you? You.. are.. a.. ****! Talking about constructive, the irony is there - your post isn't constructive at all yet you insult me for producing a non-constructive post, are all Newcastle fans as moronic as you? (notice how I am tutoring you on Basic English)
  4. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    It's a shame to see Denilson just playing adequate, you'd figure with a player like him, with just a bit more talent and experience could be really, really good, but I cannot see him improving.. and when he comes from the bench it's not as if he has a huge impact either... I would like to see Diaby go for anything more than £4-5 million, he doesn't deserve to wear an Arsenal shirt. Some of his performances have been pathetic beyond description.. As for Song, he's the only one who's improved out of the 3, but the team still needs a "destroyer" midfielder and a new centre back despite Song's progress. Automatically he is better than Silvestre. Cygan, Silvestre, Senderos, Stepanov... oh the list goes on.
  5. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    You're not intelligent therefore, I have to break this down into simple words... I can post in any thread at any time - regarding if it is infested with silly Newcastle supporters who are getting bitchy with me because they know they are going to be relegated. Who are you going to lose next year? Owen, Martins, Bassong, Jonas and more.... ? It's about time Newcastle are relegated and to top it off - relegated by a true Geordie legend. This is a constructive post - so no infraction here.
  6. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    Cannot ban me for doing nothing illegal, I am not breaking the rules, despite Hopey being a Newcastle fan he cannot ban me for expressing a legal opinion.
  7. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    This is quickly becoming my favourite thread in the SIGames forum, if Newcastle lose their next match....
  8. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    Trolling to the level where even I resort to laughing at.
  9. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    I would say Edin Hazard - he's 18, very fast, great dribbling, might take 3/4 years to settle into the league, he plays for a French club, well known Arsenal fan!!! :D now.................. Seriously? No idea, if Ade goes, one of the great advantages of having Arsene as the manager, he's really good at this stuff, he knows who to buy for the club.
  10. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    The prospect of selling Silvestre, Senderos, Diaby and Adebayor in one season would be stunning. No idea who wants to buy Twitty or Diaby though..
  11. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    Senderos wants to stay at AC Milan, apparently he's been impressive in the second part of the season for AC Milan - no idea how..
  12. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    Haha............ Cygan was abysmal, Senderos was just a little bit better, both were truly terrible.. Same with Silvestre.
  13. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    Primorac = First Team Coach (heh..) ONe more question, how do you see Denilson, Diaby and Song next year? (these 3 specifically)
  14. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    Father Senegal are you happy with Pat Rice and the rest of the backroom staff? A lot of them seem like "yes-men" to me.