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    beating real madrid 6-0 doesn\'t mean you\'re great, beating real madrid 7-0 means you\'re great.

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  1. indeed you are.. boumsong + bramble.. oh the days for newcastle
  2. when you play 21 questions with your mates and you look for FM for unnoticeable players... yep
  3. any player under 16 yrs of age is automatically deleted from the database.. this idea will never ever work.
  4. Certain PPMS cannot be taught. 'Curls ball' is another PPM that cannot be taught.
  5. there is a new personality - arrogant, a regen had one.
  6. moj


    ruci you are a legend!
  7. moj


    Ruci a quick question here, do you plan to release the latest version by the end of this week? If you answer this question a lot of people will shut up complaining..
  8. moj


    thanks for all the great work ruci.. sometimes people demand too much from you
  9. moj


    send me a screenshot of them denying you..
  10. moj


    when the season finishes, when no games are played, when the players are on holiday.. after your last fixture i had your problem too, then i asked just before a new season and they relayed it
  11. moj


    you have to ask the board at the end of the season to relay the pitch and it'll be done
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