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    FM/MMO veteran. Currently Playing Lotro, FM 15&16 & Rory McIlroy PGA 16

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  1. Sorry Welshace, i bought this about 3 years ago, but yeah would be overpriced now lol. sorry i didn't make that clear. yeah, they do some good deals in their clearance section for laptops with hardware of the generation before but usually well spec'ed and well built.
  2. I've just told a mate who's still playing FM15 to go get this today, sadly the deal is now off and its back to £34.99
  3. I would recommend people have a look at Novatech (uk manufacturer). i buy PC bits and bobs from there and they build quality & service are great. My laptop i bought there is about 3 years old now and was bought in the clearance section for £799 (i7 3630 CPU/16gb Kingston RAM/250gb SAMSUNG SSD/nvidia GeForce 680m GPU). Still plays newer games on high - ultra settings and plays FM2016 with many leagues quickly. Also, as mentioned previous, PCSpecialist are top notch. These companies are not just vendors but PC builders and will no doubt be of far superior build quality/last-ability than other vendors mentioned
  4. Why not try Gateshead in the english conference? I had them in the Premier League on FM2014, great little club with a decent stadium for their level (12,000 all seater). They also have an affiliation with Newcastle Utd so you can borrow good young players to help you up the league. With the right free signings you could be in the Premier by season 6 (2020/21)
  5. RB Leipzig season 2020/21. So far won 2.Bundesliga - 2016, German Cup 2018 & 2019, Bundesliga 2020. Avg. squad age 24. Sadly they board refuse to expand the stadium so i'm saving to build a new one
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