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  1. Combat piracy by treating all your customers as potential pirates. I can guarantee that some hacker will get around the Steam activation method and then SI/SEGA will see for themselves the drop in users through Steam's monitoring system.
  2. And what about the Mac users? It runs at 150-200MB on idle.
  3. Let's imagine that in 10 years time you're feeling a bit nostalgic and feel like playing your old copy of FM2012... Oh, wait.
  4. That's not that point; Even though I've got 4GB of RAM on my computer I've disabled the Mac OS's dashboard, not because it uses up alot or memory, which it doesn't, but because I don't want to be obliged to waste it on something that I regard as being so pointless/unecessary. Why am I, as a loyal customer, essentially being punished for the action of a pirate. If SI/SEGA, hell, the gaming industry, had any sense about them they would view these pirates as potential customers rather than a hindrance to their bottom-line.
  5. My main issue with it, as evidenced by the Activity Monitor postings, is that on a Mac Steam is a bloated piece of crap. That memory could be put to good use running FM, rather than going on running that PoS in the background. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/274801-A-Message-On-Football-Manager-2012-Activation?p=7081598&viewfull=1#post7081598 I suggest you read some of x42bn6 posts - in which has gone through the points raised by SEGA about piracy and IMO has eloquently debunked them. http://community.sigames.com/search.php?searchid=143884
  6. Any of their front four: Neymar, Ganso, Robinho, Pato
  7. Flair is the ability to do the unexpected. The only player on that list of United players that does that is Rooney - Young does the feints that you expect from a winger. Even looking back through the history of the England team the only flair players that spring to mind are Waddle and Gazza.
  8. The positional traits for newgens is a great addition. In Spain the flat 4-4-2 is almost non existant; We simply don't produce wide midfielders and English-style box-to-box central midfielders are a rarity - you'll either have two DM's playing in a 4-4-2, with attacking midifelders on the wing, or attacking midfielders who are played further back.
  9. Map of world clubs

    An introduction to the city you're managing in would be nice. I think it would add a sense of belonging to the team you're taking on. One of the quirkiest things about the FM fanbase was the example of that forum member who went to see some obscure team he had managed play in real-life. e.g. [City name] is a [settlement adj] [settlement type] in [Region], [Country]. With a population of [population number] it is the [rank] in the country. ... The main industry of the [settlement type] is [industry type]. ... The biggest team in the [settlement type] are [team a] and [team b], although there are [x number] of semi professional and [x] amateur clubs. Settlement adjective - Mountain, desert, coastal Settlement type - Village, Municipality, Town, City, (District) City Industry type - Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Military, Financial Team - Based on reputation
  10. It already is. Udinese loan players to Granada who in turn loan them to Cádiz. There's also the recent case of the Honduran Lozano who was loaned to Valencia for €100,000 and loaned by Valencia to Alcoyano.
  11. Just like Ali-Sayed at Racing Santander. I can't belive that people are so gullible/wishful as to think that these types of millionaires would spend millions, of their own money, each season.
  12. I think it's your tactics.
  13. Those player are not first teamers. When you are registering players for the first team at the start of the season, if you click on the show B players tickbox you can assign those B team players a squad number over 25. These players however remain registered with the B team. The likes of Muniain (25) and Aurtenetxe (29) despite being starters for Athletic are able to drop down and take part in B team games whenever they like. If you want to include them in you squad, due to injuries, all you have to do is tick the tickbox again to show the players and include them in your match-day squad a couple of days in advance.
  14. Players can only move up. If you have a promising U19 player you can call him up for B or first team games; however, he remains registered with the U19 team. The same applies to B team players - those that have been assigned a first squad number over 25 are allowed to play for the first team, but they remain registered with the B team. @ ratboy They scrapped the 5 games rule as it inevitably lead to teams looking for players abroad during the winter transfer window.