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  1. I did a quick test with a new save game with Liverpool. The first league match is at White Hart Lane so I would expect the use of animated adboards. Some graphic contents are disabled e.g. spectators. (FYI the third-party ad were obtained here: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/17264/fm-15-adboards-by-doc-debil) Test 1: sigfx/videos contents remained, third-party ads removed Result: No adboards were displayed and contrary to the attached pic (a yellow board was seen at the right edge of the pic), the screen was actually flickered as in the OP. After quitting the game (Cmd+Q) the flickering continues and the only way is to restart the mac. Test 2: sigfx/videos content removed, third-party adboards installed Result: Same adboard disappearance, same yellow board showing up. Removing the sigfx/video seems to disable the ability of showing third-party adboards. Test 3: sigfx/video contents retained, third-party adboards installed Result: third-party ads were displayed, and the boards slide vertically. Conclusion: your suggestion to remove the sigfx/videos contents do not seem to work, and it further disables the ability to display third-party ads. Hope these tests give you some ideas on where the problem lies. Also, @Lucas Weatherby, giving the folder path in "Windows" form isn't helpful when we are in the Mac bug forum
  2. Dear James, Recently I came across the same problem with the same OS and same Macbook build (only difference is the i7 CPU). It happens right when a match is generated in 3D. And I may have found the culprit. As I was managing in lower leagues the stadium adboards are set as stationary for most of the matches I played - the stadia were too simple. Then I got into a cup final which played in the best stadium in the country, which supports animated adboards. The flickering happens immediately. Quitting FM does not help and the flickering remains on the desktop. The only way is to restart the computer. I then downloaded third party adboards for few generations ago, in order to replace the animated adboards with the static third party ones, and volia! Flickering never happens and I played 5 or 6 more seasons without any problem. So you might want to look into the animated adboards and see if it clashes with the Intel 3000 chip.
  3. I use this one as it is compiled by Japanese fans. Not all stats (e.g. specific attributes, some minor players having English nationality) but overall a good db. Highly encouraged to read the page with Google Translate. http://atelierkarin.hatenablog.jp/entry/2016/11/19/165712
  4. I came across similar problem recently, and a quick holiday confirms that the Asian reputation changes the first time in Jan 2019, the North America sometime later that year, and the South America and Africa ones change around 2018-2019. Haven't seen the Oceania one changed so far.
  5. Haven't commented for a while so good job for these years building up Wing Yee! Have you considered letting someone tutor your son(s)? As far as I know everything other than slack/temperamental is better than low determination, which would greatly increase his chance of reaching max potential.
  6. Here is Wolves's account for the year 2015, for your information http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/wolverhampton-wanderers-after-gold-rush.html
  7. @claassen if you still have the latest test saves, could you check if the dynamic league reputation works? I am using all your editor files in the current game, now in Jan 2018, and I do not see any league reputation changes (not even one) in all continents except Europe. Thanks. EDIT: don't worry about it - I started a clean save and forwarded until Jan 2019 to see the reputation change in Africa, Asia and SA, probably later for the others
  8. Incredible speed! Hope it won't take you too long to sort out the African leagues and clubs. No idea why SI include some African clubs in this patch but not in the original data
  9. Thanks claassen! Looking forward to the final update. Regarding the J-League finance discussed months ago, perhaps you would like to reconsider upping the finance over there? Yesterday Podolski announced his move to Kobe in the summer, most likely due to the money given by the new TV deal. I have been tweaking the file myself but would like to have a better representation on these files.
  10. Can you check if the finance situation and league issues in Hong Kong are fixed? It is an obscure league yet if you put in the game you should simulate it better. Thanks in advance. Also did you update the AFC Cup format? I read above that the South American one has been updated but not listed in the changelist.
  11. @Dax_ I hate to nag you for updates but are we expecting one soon or it'll be definitely be after the 17.3 patch? Thanks.
  12. This seems to happen before, but not sure if anyone got a solution. Worth searching the bugs forum (or other parts).
  13. LEGEND! Thank you for the effort for the past months! Have a good rest and (highly likely) see you again after the 17.3 patch
  14. Good to see the wage budget increase, and the board takeover - not the best scenario but I guess it's better time now Obviously you are not allowed to sign foreign players but how's the other teams doing in your game currently? a) Are there any? and b) Are they wholly superior than HK locals like the start of the game? Sidenote: There is a editor file on the workshop which goes down to Third Division and I am tempted to go for it (and coincidentally Happy Valley is also my go-to team), but the file doesn't say anything regarding changes in finance so I may have a little self-edit to do.