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  1. So we know that Spanish clubs can extend a player's contract for more than 5 years, maybe it's time FM realise this and implements into the next version (if it has not been done). Afterall, FM does add mandatory buyout clauses for Spanish players as this is a legal requirement (ref: Real Decreto 1006/1985 of 26 June (For the Regulation of the Employment of Professional Sportspeople))
  2. Also, the VALUE you get (i.e. the budget of £28m) depends on how generous your chairman/president is (I think a couple of hidden attributes decide this). Perhaps you have a chairman who doesn't really want to open the wallet even there is a mountain of gold coins in the safe
  3. Except the Cambodian scout would be unlikely to expand your African knowledge as he is from Asia nevertheless hiring foreign scouts help knowledge a lot. Don't forget your coaches do help with the overall knowledge a bit as well. Another way to look for good prospects is to go to the league pages and find players with goals/assists/average rating etc. Those players might not fit your tactics but I find avg rating a good way to identify consistent players esp. defensive side.
  4. I use Mac for years so I can't say firmly for the Windows version, but even when I used Windows all files go to (My) Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/. I rather find it weird that there is a "editor data" folder within the steam/steamapps/common/FM17 folder without manual intervention. As far as I know your laptop underwent a Windows "downgrade" which should mean that the harddisk is formatted i.e. erased during the process. As you say you need to reinstall *everything* this seems the case. Now after you finish the FM17 installation, start the game once, accept the EULA etc, quit the game. The folder I mention should appear in "Documents" automatically and if you add the leagues accordingly they should appear. Else it may be worth asking somewhere else in the forum
  5. Congratulations on winning the Asian Champions League and staying at Wing Yee for the future! (Did you load any other Asian countries than China in the game?) Hope your league reputation get a big boost after your success - I find that due to the special qualification places in Asia, Asian countries are categorised into 3: 1) those who always get 2+ places and progress well in Champs Lge; 2) those who are just good enough for AFC Cup; and 3) those in-between. Cat 1 countries always have at least 2 teams in the proper group stage and they tend to score well by getting into the knockout stages. e.g. China, Oz, Iran, Korea Cat 3 countries unlikely to progress well in AFC Cup and stay close to the lower half of ranking. e.g. Singapore, Laos, Philippines Cat 2 includes HK, India, Thailand etc. Sometimes they do well in AFC Cup thus getting a group stage seat in ACL, likely with another seat at the qualification stages. However because the 2nd club is likely to face strong opponents from Cat 1 countries and lose, the nation would have only 7 or 8 matches to score points (likely losing matches), and would be inferior to, say another Cat 2 nation with 2 teams in AFC Cup in knockout stages (12+ matches, likely non-losing). I can see you suffered from this as well when you did well in ACL but ranking goes downhill, as the situation isn't helpful when only you do well but the other team get sent home early. That was my experience. I am not sure if this reflects reality as the ranking system only started for a couple of years. Hope that you get 2 group stage seats now so that the nation can have 12 matches to score points and makes it easier to maintain qualification places. Kim Pan Gon still managing Hong Kong after all these years? Oh, and I did a short save with Kitchee, editing in 100 season tickets from the start of the game, and the number of season tickets does grow (2019: 132), so I was probably right about "percentage increase" from original number the "extra" revenue from that is minimal though. Need a generally higher nation interest in football (and other variables in the editor) otherwise the attendance couldn't rise enough.
  6. You need to run the game at least once in order to get the folders in "Documents". Also you will need to move ALL editor files out of different continents, so that in your "editor data" folder there are zero sub-folders.
  7. Agreed that this is quite a failure from SI for not appropriately implementing the 3D graphics, although we should take note that our machines aren't the latest and sometimes it is difficult to QA older machines. Not fixing it is another matter... For the ad fix, it is a small hill to climb but I do suggest you to try if you prefer 3D match graphics. The steps should be clearly written and should not require further editing if you play the original leagues come with the game. The adboards are added to your Documents folder so (in theory) should not destroy any game play function.
  8. Not exactly what I meant. My temporary solution was to "cover" the dynamic ads by third party adboards (more exactly this one https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/17264/fm-15-adboards-by-doc-debil). I was playing in very low leagues in the beginning and didn't see any flickering. Once I got into a national cup final in the biggest stadium in the country with dynamic ads, flickering occurred. After I installed the third party adboards I have no flickering since, for a (real time) month or so. I posted my findings here:
  9. Has anyone reported, or do you have any information, regarding the absolute maximum number of editor files that could be used on a Mac system without crashing? Before you ask, I have tried on a MBP early 2011 and a rMBP early 2013 with the same result. Clean install and no residue cache and preferences the entire SI folder was deleted so the only files inside are the editor files. No graphics no other mods. I have downloaded the latest claassen update alongside some own modifications, and the game crashed with 238 editor files (239 files including config.xml). The game launched and new save started without problem when the number was reduced to 220 editor files (221 in folder). I am going to test for the sweet spot in between these numbers, but it'd be great if you already have the answer so I can save a bit of time!
  10. I am not sure if this is the same case but I had flickering as well in match. I suspected the culprit was the dynamic ads and switched to (older version) custom static adboards, written in one of the threads here. No flickering since. Mine was MBP 2011 but I guess we have the same group of Intel display card. Hope it helps
  11. Surprised and thank you for the recent updates! While you are still around, could I suggest a new task? The format for the AFC Cup 2017 has changed a lot from the game version, and it would be great if you could come up with a fix. I understand that it looks like a big project to rebuild the competition, but perhaps only you have the expertise to do it
  12. I did a quick test with a new save game with Liverpool. The first league match is at White Hart Lane so I would expect the use of animated adboards. Some graphic contents are disabled e.g. spectators. (FYI the third-party ad were obtained here: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/17264/fm-15-adboards-by-doc-debil) Test 1: sigfx/videos contents remained, third-party ads removed Result: No adboards were displayed and contrary to the attached pic (a yellow board was seen at the right edge of the pic), the screen was actually flickered as in the OP. After quitting the game (Cmd+Q) the flickering continues and the only way is to restart the mac. Test 2: sigfx/videos content removed, third-party adboards installed Result: Same adboard disappearance, same yellow board showing up. Removing the sigfx/video seems to disable the ability of showing third-party adboards. Test 3: sigfx/video contents retained, third-party adboards installed Result: third-party ads were displayed, and the boards slide vertically. Conclusion: your suggestion to remove the sigfx/videos contents do not seem to work, and it further disables the ability to display third-party ads. Hope these tests give you some ideas on where the problem lies. Also, @Lucas Weatherby, giving the folder path in "Windows" form isn't helpful when we are in the Mac bug forum
  13. Dear James, Recently I came across the same problem with the same OS and same Macbook build (only difference is the i7 CPU). It happens right when a match is generated in 3D. And I may have found the culprit. As I was managing in lower leagues the stadium adboards are set as stationary for most of the matches I played - the stadia were too simple. Then I got into a cup final which played in the best stadium in the country, which supports animated adboards. The flickering happens immediately. Quitting FM does not help and the flickering remains on the desktop. The only way is to restart the computer. I then downloaded third party adboards for few generations ago, in order to replace the animated adboards with the static third party ones, and volia! Flickering never happens and I played 5 or 6 more seasons without any problem. So you might want to look into the animated adboards and see if it clashes with the Intel 3000 chip.
  14. I use this one as it is compiled by Japanese fans. Not all stats (e.g. specific attributes, some minor players having English nationality) but overall a good db. Highly encouraged to read the page with Google Translate. http://atelierkarin.hatenablog.jp/entry/2016/11/19/165712
  15. I came across similar problem recently, and a quick holiday confirms that the Asian reputation changes the first time in Jan 2019, the North America sometime later that year, and the South America and Africa ones change around 2018-2019. Haven't seen the Oceania one changed so far.