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  1. Sometimes the compensation to release you from the current club may be one of the main obstacles for regional/barely national reputation clubs in foreign countries. It may seem small but if they were small clubs the money could well be spent on another striker or defender instead of taking a punt on a "foreign" manager in lower league. Giving you an interview, in the game sense, costs close to nothing so the clubs would see you as a potential candidate. Getting the media work for you is also a good way as to demonstrate you *are* really leaving your current club and move aboard. And also what has been said above.
  2. Aside from the usual SI folder from Documents, it'd be worth copying the hall of fame file (somewhere in a "public" folder in the file system), and any custom .lnc files in the data/db/ folder under Program Files folder tree (if you do, e.g. league name fix and else)
  3. I always respect the players' request if the number is available. I think I am definitely not in the group that considers it important to have 1-11 (or even 1-25) on the field. If a non-regen player joins I would dig up a little bit on his career and if he has a special number attached IRL but not in the game (say, 45 for Balotelli, or more recently 29 for Morata) I would give it to him even if he doesn't ask for it. #9 would definitely need to be at the attack front, other than that they're free to go to any non-GK players. #28 and #37 are generally given to the future stars though, as I am personally attached to them
  4. When you mention "first signing", I would guess you just started the game and in your first season. I have read someone complaining the same a few years back, and the conclusion by then was, yes, the real life signings before you started the game do count somehow. There isn't an easy way of telling how many transfers were recorded by the game, so it is a mystery to every human manager in charge. On the other hand, max. 8 domestic over-17 transfers, and max 5 domestic over-21 transfers means only 5 slots for over-21s every season (in those two windows), and 3 more slots for 17-20 years old. Or you could spend all slots on 17-20 years old, however you cannot make any over-21s signings (your 5 o21 slots are unused but your 8 o17 slots would be filled). Returning loans don't seem to count as a "transfer". IIRC loan signings, as well as buy-and-loan-out options count towards these slots.
  5. Finally Bundesliga license! Great job SI, maybe try to get the J.League ones as well?
  6. I may have missed a thing or two, but the only way to "realistically" reach the release clause is to pay ALL the funds upfront, i.e. £600m. I guess 300m+300m instalments would not work? IIRC this was the same for Neymar, the whole 222m euros was paid in one go. @Kimmy If true, that leads to the only conclusion - one cannot, game-wise, buy off his contract (because of the 300m limit), and the only way is to unsettle him as others mention. It may be interesting to raise the topic in bugs forum as this release clause would never be achieved?
  7. No, I am not talking about the nomenclature difference between American English and British English... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44917915 After reading the above article, it comes to my attention that both exist in the footballing world, yet I seem only to be considered a "manager" in the game. I know, I know that you could give up your responsibilities like transfers, staff incomings/outgoings etc. I mean, luckily or unluckily, every club that employed "me" put me in charge of everything, and my choice of giving up the transfer etc. I haven't seen a club owner forcing me to let the DoF do the transfer. Is that possible in the game? And would you prefer to be a manager or a head coach (game-wise)? PS. Some further explanation from Mauricio Pochettino (https://offsiderulepodcast.com/2015/02/04/head-coach-vs-manager-an-unnecessary-trend/)
  8. It seems like previously purchasing FM in Hong Kong area was not allowed as Steam banned Hong Kong for this game somehow, not sure how the situation is currently. I *guess* if you buy it over Steam in your country and activate it before you travel, you should be able to play the game as it would be in your library.
  9. 大概兩至三個月,但係個個case都唔同
  10. First thing first, I think the way it is represented in the game is simply along the FIFA regulation that a player must reside at least 5 years before having the right to represent said country (or the whole time range to gain the said country's nationality is this is longer). So a SA national gains Spain nationality after 2 years according to Spanish laws, but has to wait for 3 more years to represent Spain. Same player if were to reside in Germany must wait for 8 years in order to gain German status and as it is past the FIFA-set period, he is eligible for Germany straightaway. (at least in-game) Non-football now: Nationality and citizenship are a very closely related yet complicated existence. In simple wording nationality is your passport - you are part of the country and are "protected" by the country. Citizenship is whether you are allowed to work/vote/receive welfare etc. Different country may have different interpretations but generally this is the idea. An example is the various British national status - British nationals, British subjects, British overseas citizen, British nationals (overseas), etc (the latter two are DIFFERENT FFS). A few friends are from Hong Kong and some of them hold the British nationals (overseas) passport, but they are not considered citizens in UK and require visas and work permits to stay. Yet if they travel with their passports and need assistance, they can go straight to British embassies (in theory) for help. After Hong Kong's return to China, some of them also hold a "Hong Kong, China" passport, and in theory are Chinese nationals. They can also go to Chinese embassy if needed. But they are not citizens of China. As I say, it is very complicated
  11. Not if the players has declared his side, which is what the OP describes. A player may never get a youth/full cap, but if he has declared there's no way of going back (as far as the game is concerned)
  12. Found one player which has 4 nationalities under his belt, although it should be very very rare and the complexity of the former Yugoslavian states "helps". Note the fourth nationality was added within the game time so there seems no hardcode regarding the number of nationality allowed.
  13. Save size isn't as huge as I would imagine, I thought it would reach Gb-level after 29 seasons! Yes "normally" as described by @forameuss, but everyone plays one's game differently so if you do need to check the stats very often I'd suggest getting a e.g. 32gb USB drive off Amazon. Given most computers now have USB 3.0 ports I guess it won't be a long wait to load saves from there
  14. I guess if you were to play "normally" you wouldn't need a save from, say, 2023 *that* often Out of interest, how many players are in your latest save and what's the file size?
  15. Another option, instead of further compression, is to store the old savefiles in external storage, either a harddisk, a USB drive, or cloud. Google Drive is a good option with 15gb at least for free. You could, in theory, create a specific account just for your saves
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