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  1. Player Values

    The league/club/both reputation play a part in judging player values I think, as you mentioned the whole squad dropped value it looks like a more general issue instead of individual performance or contract. A likely scenario is a drop in league rep (stars/ranking) with respect to other countries.
  2. For your information, Ali Al-Habsi was in the exact situation you described. An Omani, born in Oman, raised and developed in Oman, moved to Norway, and capable to play in the English Premier League. He is not a world-beater, but he shows that a player from a minnow country could play in top level. Another example would be Sun Jihai playing for Man City before all the money influx. I reckon real City fans would consider him an asset instead of making up numbers or as a marketing tool. And Bruce Grobbelaar for Liverpool. Is Zimbabwe obscure enough? In fact, I invite you to read the following wiki entries and see how vast the number of countries are involved in EPL and Bundesliga over the years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_Premier_League_players https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_Bundesliga_players
  3. CPU over 100% Mac

    In case you (or anyone) need this piece of information: https://superuser.com/questions/836883/increasing-yosemite-maxfile-limit-for-application
  4. CPU over 100% Mac

    Indeed, the thing is that Mac is quite good in self-monitoring itself and the applications. You can consider it to be good if you see the terrible cooling do not, normally, freeze (!) the system or shut it down. And somehow I have never had a single crash dump for the last 8 years with different versions of FM, running huge database and/or 20+years into the game. On the other hand the system is overly protective in terms of application limits. For example I cannot load all of the classen (sp) league packs from the editor section, FM simply crashes at different stages. I have reported it in bugs forum but SI couldn't do anything. Turns out MacOS self imposes a limit in terms of number of files allowed from one application to open/alter, and 225 editor files are already deemed too many. At the end a few tweaks in the core system files and I can start a new game with all the editor files used. Regarding if FM optimising for Mac, my instinct is no, but as SI staff say so, I have no qualms (like an outgoing loanee talking to manager!)
  5. CPU over 100% Mac

    It is completely normal to have more than 100% CPU in Mac, the algorithm is simply different from PC. The game being dead slow may be due to the fact it is Mac and not utilised for gaming.
  6. I see less competition for the same player outside the transfer window, even teams are listed as highly interested. Perhaps there should be something done to AI transfer *outside* the windows when an offer is made. However I would refrain from making the offer early - there is always a risk the player being injured or so. Also, finalising the transfer before window opens means he joins on the first day of the window, so you would have more time settling him, and to train and play him.
  7. 10 years ahead in the game and I have seen a few clubs (mostly Chinese clubs like Jiangsu and Evergrande) have their investment scaled down at certain stages of the timeline. Not sure if there is a time range for a tycoon to pump money (like Chelsea?) but the question is - at the landmark page it always describes as "scale down funding" but nothing further. Does that imply a foreground sugar daddy going background? or becoming an underwriter? or just the funding scale tuned down to a lower level? I am pretty sure I have seen "withdraw funding" before so the investors should probably still be around. I am not in charge of any of those sugar daddy clubs.
  8. In previous version a maximum number is needed because the game was written differently (32-bit vs 64-bit?) but it shouldn't be the case now. It isn't impossible, yet it put a lot of strain to the system. I once played FM17 with all his leagues, plus the Japan database, plus a few self modifications, on Mac. Although codes are required to liberate the system to start a game with so many editor files. It runs ok with 350,000 to 400,000 players.
  9. FM 2018 on Mac

    I would say the short answer would be "you don't need to worry about anything" (I am not responsible for any loss though). I own an older model of MacBook Pro, and I have never played without the fan buzzing at top speed. Yet after years it runs FM and other apps fine. FM is a CPU hogging program and inevitably this means the CPU should be working heavily when you click continue. However MacOS has a very good self-controlling system that the CPU would not overheat to the level it is self-damaging. Mac has, however, a very poor design to let out the exhaust heat even it has a metal casing, and in general is not the top option for high-performance gaming. Typical Windows laptop suck in air using a fan at the bottom of the machine with a visible air inlet, and can help with a gaming cooling pad on Amazon etc. For Mac though, the fan air inlet is not visible (it is actually around the edge of the bottom panel) and cooling pad does not work as well. You could try to install Windows via Bootcamp, but the poor hardware design should mean that the fan would run at top speed anyway. I would doubt that third-party apps do a better job than MacOS itself in this area. Of course, if your fan works with weird noise (e.g. imbalanced fan, clicking noises, etc) I would send the laptop to Apple and have it checked. If it is only running at high speed, I would not worry too much if I were you. It is the disappointing fact that MacBooks do not run FM too well.
  10. I have been having this question for a while and it seems to be related to the original topic - what is the point of a youth team (u18/u20) *assistant* manager? He does not seem to add a of value compared to a youth team coach, and he isn't as high in the hierarchy to take over the youth team. I see him as a glorified youth coach but I'd like to hear other's comment if I missed something important on his role. P.S. A reserve team ass-man is on the other hand different - he involves in the first team coaching so at least he is to some use on the day-to-day running the of club
  11. Turning professional

    Queen's Park is hardcoded to be always amateur so it won't go professional in the game
  12. Will the board know?

    I have experience in worldwide journeyman in previous editions, and it seems like it really depends on the tolerance the board have on you. I think up a few scenarios... a) Apply for one club without declaring interest: Mostly it leads to nothing from the board until an interview comes and the board, if cherishing your service, would set up a "friendly" meeting to lure you to stay b) Apply for one club while declaring interest: Once the news is published publicly the board would issue a statement with disappointment or urging you to stay, while the opponent fans would judge your ability publicly. Then the same as above. In an unlikely event the board would set up an emergency meeting questioning your move. The urgency of the meeting can be read on the news feed that "not attending would lead to sacking". c) Apply for multiple clubs with/without declaring interest: depending on how the board is tolerating you, some do nothing (note I have only applied two jobs most) while some would set up the emergency meeting as b). With declaring interest, very likely to have an emergency meeting. d) Not applying but declaring multiple interest: The board would likely hold the same emergency meeting on your loyalty and ask you to refrain from throwing yourself into the market, or resign. As mentioned different board has different attitudes, so either trial and error, or find a real time editor. Good luck on moving forward!
  13. You may well check when the pre-season starts in Japan, or those countries you go to. As far as I know in the game January seems to be considered off season in China and Japan, I guess it's the same scenario in MLS. Don't think it is possible to arrange friendlies if one team is in vacation, at least in the game. In Australia it seems to be mid-season thus you probably can't arrange friendlies with A-League teams anyway.
  14. An interesting question... how would a female manager identify a son easily without clicking everyone? Same surname does not necessarily work unless a) "you" are married already when adding manager with the assumption of a surname change b) "you" are a single parent that your son inherit your maiden name Otherwise if you assume yourself to be single and go through a typical family building process, it's difficult to know who your son would be
  15. Your best/longest career?

    I remembered a few years ago (maybe FM13 or FM14) I did a global journeyman save, starting at a club in Hong Kong called Central & Western District in some extended lower league, led them to the top level, moved to Shanghai Shenhua (before the huge money influx but still quite worthy), won the Asian Champions League twice. I then got bored in Asia and went to Columbia to join Atlético Nacional and made them the strongest force (if not already) in Columbia and won the copa libertadores once. I was either about to stay and further develop the team, or move on to a bigger club in the continent, but the tight schedule in South America kind of put me off at the time, and England came to offer me the national job. It was a strange offer but there was no reason to reject them - I took them after an Euro failure and took them to the next World Cup, where we finished 3rd. National job, on the other hand, lacks the day to day intensity of running a club so I resigned and joined Inter in Serie A. Won a few titles as well as a Champions League there, before Real Madrid called and offer Inter compensation to get me over to Spain. Settled in Spain after one season or consolidating and after a few Champions League win and Club World Cups I reckoned I achieved furthest I could manage and called it a day. Of course a new FM coming out was another issue Think the year was in late 2030s. After that I tried to re-do similar saves in later iterations but I couldn't find enough time for me to go too far. Didn't remember what position I ended up on Hall of Fame but should be within top 20 globally.